Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Many homeowners will be quick to jump to the conclusion that they need a roof replacement once they spot a leak in their ceiling. Leaks occur for varied reasons and may mean you require a new roof or just need a less costly repair. There are other numerous reasons that determine if a simple roof repair will solve an issue with your roof or you require a full roof replacement.

Roof Repair

Majority of roofing problems will require a simple repair in order to solve the issue. For example, if you have a newly installed roof and soon after, the shingles are damaged by a storm, it does not make sense to replace the roof. A roof repair is all you need to rectify the problem and maintain the overall quality of the roof.

Also, consider the value. If it costs you a few hundred dollars to repair your roof, there is no need to spend thousands on a replacement.

two roofers repairing a roofRoof Replacement

Roof replacement is the other alternative to roof repairs. Experienced homeowners will immediately know that their roof has seen better days and requires immediate repair. If you are regularly paying for roof repairs, it might make more financial sense to invest in a new roof sooner rather than later. The following factors will determine if you actually need a roof replacement:

The Age of Your Roof

A well-maintained roof should be able to last at least 20 years. It is crucial in terms of the expense that you get the maximum longevity. The age of your roof is thus an important factor in settling the question of whether to repair or replace. Don’t insist on doing repairs on your 25-year-old roof just because the damage doesn’t seem that bad, the old roof might be hiding other potentially worse problems underneath.

Signs of Moisture or Water Damage

Water is quite a destructive element. If water is able to penetrate through your roof’s shingles, it can quickly make its way to your home’s interior. Once there, it can do some serious damage and even cause health problems. Look at your interior walls for moisture marks or brown stains. If the paint is also pealing, it may indicate that your roof is seeping in water.

For a small leak, a short-term repair may be all you need. However, if there is extensive moisture damage to the roof layer, you will need a full roof replacement.

Weather Damage

The roof should be inspected after a recent adverse weather condition such as a tornado or a hurricane. In most cases, such catastrophes will result in a level of damage beyond what is immediately visible. Bigger problems may be lying underneath the roof and it is a far much wiser decision to replace the entire roof.

damaged roofMissing or Damaged Shingles

Your shingles could be curled, split, torn or completely missing, all these conditions could be caused by many reasons. Localized damage may be fixed by a simple repair. However, if more than 30% of the entire roof has been damaged, a new roof may be a better answer.

Trust Your Contractor

A local, trusted and experienced roofing contractor may be of invaluable help in determining whether you need a roof repair or a full roof replacement. Such a contractor will be able to use his keen eye and experience to assess and give a professional opinion. That is why it is always important to develop a good working relationship with an experienced, trusted and local roofing contractor.


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All You Should Know About Tesla’s Solar Shingles

There is a general feeling that we should be moving towards renewable energy. Solar provides a clean, reliable and highly available source of renewable energy. One way homeowners could effectively harvest energy from the sun is to install solar panels on top of their own roofs. Unfortunately, these solar panels don’t score well in the looks department. As a result, many homeowners will skip the idea of installing these units. Their bulky appearance is too much for them. Enter Tesla Solar Roof.

solar shingles from TeslaIn 2016, Tesla unveiled its new solar roof tiles that are actually functional solar panels. The company has been working on this product for some time and it features textured glass tiles integrated with solar cells. The tiles are actually aesthetically pleasing; you could call them sexy. They mimic the look of high-end roofing materials such as slate and clay shingles.

The tiles come in four flavors Textured Glass, Slate Glass, Tuscan Glass and Smooth Glass. The good thing about these tiles is that they blend in perfectly and one could even be fooled into thinking there is no solar paneling on the roof at all.



Pros of Choosing Tesla’s Solar Tiles

  • Tesla knows that looks do matter and took their time to design a gorgeous looking product.
  • These new solar roof tiles are apparently as durable as asphalt shingles. They can be walked on and stand up to the elements as well as other comparable roofing materials. The toughness of the glass used in their construction makes them resilient. They will thus theoretically be able to withstand damage from hail or even debris such as fallen tree branches.
  • These tiles could potentially save you the money you use to pay for electricity from the grid. The solar shingles can come with a Powerwall 2 home battery that you use to store solar energy during the day to power your home at night.
  • Environmentally friendly. Solar is a clean energy source. The new solar shingles ensure that homeowners use an energy source that is sustainable and environment-friendly.


  • Perhaps the most important consideration everyone is thinking about is the cost. Sola tiles are expensive to Elon Musk, CEO of Teslamanufacture and install, making roof replacement to Tesla’s option quite a costly affair. Musk, the CEO of Tesla was vague when pressed about the price tag of the solar tiles system. If you are thinking of installing the new solar tiles roof just because you will save on your monthly energy bill, you might want to re-do your math again.
  • While this is a promising system, it is relatively new. It, therefore, has not been tried and tested and there are unforeseen issues that will occur with the product. While there is no problem in being an early adopter in the tech industry, you do not want to be in a position where you are the lab rat for an untested product. You will be the unfortunate customer that will have to deal with unforeseen problems with the solar tiles. All these make the new Solar tiles by Tesla a risky investment.

Making the Best Choice

If you live in a high-income area with inflated energy costs and lots of sunlight, opting for Tesla Solar Shingles may make sense. If not, solar panels are the obvious choice for those who want to invest in solar energy to save money. Lastly, if you just want to save money on your utility bills without making a significant investment, consider a new, better-insulated roof.


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How to Recover from Hail Damage to Your Roof

hail fallen on the ground

A big hail storm can be a dangerously destructive phenomenon to your property. If the hail damages your roof, you will have all sorts of problems to deal with thereafter. A hail damaged roof may lead to leaks that eventually damage interior walls, ceilings and the floors of your house. The best course after roof damage caused by hailstorm is to identify the damage and mitigate it to avoid additional problems.

The good news is that insurance companies cover hail damage to your roof. That said, you will still be required to properly document the incident to your insurance company if you expect to get your claim approved. Below are guidelines on the steps you should take after hail has damaged your roof.

Check for Signs of Hail Damage

Hail damage varies in severity, depending on the wind speed, the hailstone size, and the roofing material. After a serious hailstorm, it is vital that you do a thorough inspection. Check the shingles minutely for any dents on the downspouts, and roof vents. Hail damage to a shingle results in a dark spot wherever the granules are exposed due to the impact.

You are not always able to see the extent of hail damage on your roof from the ground. Even a tiny hole in your roof system can cause significant moisture damage.

It is always a good idea to have an experienced roofing contractor do the inspection for you. Such a roofer will be able to guide you on whether to file for an insurance claim or not.

Protect Your Property

To prevent further damage to your property, you need to take some corrective actions.

Emergency Roof Repair

If some sections of your roof are missing, you will have to contact your roofer so they can immediately install tarps or do the necessary repairs.

Window Damage

Broken windows must be replaced promptly to secure your home from the elements and reduce the loss of air conditioning or heating.

Always Take Photos

Always remember to take photos before you begin roof repairs. This documentation is usually required for insurance purposes. In fact, contact your insurance company at the same time you are hiring a roofing contractor to do immediate repairs. Some professional roofing contractors will automatically take photos themselves before beginning the repair work.

Beware of Storm Chasers

Always hire an experienced local roofing professional with the proper license and certification. Storm chasers are scammers who follow storms around the country to gain from the damage caused by them. They take advantage of desperate and unsuspecting homeowners and charge them for shoddy roof repair or replacement. These con artists usually disappear after the work is done and they have been paid.

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Why Seamless Gutters Are Important for Your Home

A good drainage system which includes a good gutter is a vital part of any roofing design. Many folks overlook the important role that gutters play in preventing damage to a structure. People will focus more on the roof and its maintenance and forget that the roofing and gutters work hand in hand for optimal protection of your building underneath.

Due to their locations and the many elements that they are exposed to, gutters can be by nature troublesome. Installing seamless gutters as opposes to seamed gutters will save you a lot of troubles

The Superiority of Seamless Gutters

House Roof - Roofing Works. Cloudy Blue Sky. American Building Style.Aesthetically Pleasing

You might have a beautiful roof installed on your home and a stunning siding only to be let down by a bulky, uneven seamed gutter. Gutters are actually important to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

New custom colored and fit seamless gutters add a beautiful outline to a roof which blends well with the soffit and fascia of your home. Regular gutters are also prone to sagging and looking out of place, a phenomenon not present in seamless gutters.

Protection from Costly Damage

A seamed gutter will usually become damaged at the seam as a result of normal wear with exposure to the elements. Seamed gutters develop holes and uneven surfaces. This scenario leads to the accumulation of water pools and spilling over to the sides. Regular gutters will lead to problems like erosion, standing water around the house foundation, damage to the shrubbery and leaking water into the basement. This will require additional repair and attention on your part. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, provide for a superior drainage system. This is because seamless gutters do not have weak spots which cause the majority of the problems that directly lead to damage to the building or the surrounding environment from poor drainage.

Requires Less Maintenance

Seamed gutters are susceptible to debris accumulation. In the case of seamless gutters, there is no section where leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris is allowed to accumulate. This means less maintenance stress on your part.

Designed to Fit Your Roof

Seamless gutters are manufactured with the specification of your roof and other parts of your home in mind. They provide a wide range of colors to select from thus will not require a repainting job that is usually associated with seamed gutters. Seamless gutters also provide the ability to customize the measurements and fittings which ensures your home will have the adequate protection that is provided by the gutter systems.


Seamless gutters prove superior to the regular gutter system. Not only do they provide better overall protection, they are less of a financial burden and require less time maintaining them.


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All You Need to Know About Home Ridge Vents

Man on a roof

What are They?

A ridge vent is a type of vent installed at the peak of your sloped roof. They run the entire length of your roof. Almost all shingled residential buildings will have roof vents. Roof ridge vents are an important component of a well-functioning ventilation system.

It functions to allow warm humid air to escape the attic of a building. This movement of air will create a balance that assists to reduce your cooling costs while at the same time helping to increase your roof’s lifespan by reducing potential damage to the shingles.

Importance of Roof Ridge Vents

Aid Air Flow

Ridge vents have an air space below them which allows air to flow along the top of the building under the roof, which usually contains an attic. Ridge vents commonly include an external baffle and an interior weather filter. The filter is important in keeping out dust and insects while the baffle creates external pressure that pulls air out of the attic.

A single or multi-pitch ridge vent is a one-piece rounded unit. It should be installed over all of the roof’s pitches.

Vital to the Ventilation System

Your roof protects your family from the elements but it needs proper ventilation. Adequate ventilation means that you prevent fungus, mildew, and mold from moving under the eaves and the attic crawl space. Moist air usually leads to wood rot. Wood rot can be caused by fungi that grow in the dark, damp environments. Soffits and vents which are under the eaves work hand in hand with the ridge vents in keeping the air moving. Warm, moist air usually comes in under the roof. Since heat will rise, it is pulled out through the ridge vents.

You can install a fan system or use this passive arrangement of the vents to keep your roof and attic from moisture. Proper insulation means that the cold or hot attic air is kept out of your home.

Worth Your Investment

Ridge vents are a worthwhile investment, regardless of the climate you live in. Ridge vents play an important part in preventing ice dams which cause costly damage. They also prevent excess heat from accumulating in your attic which can increase your cooling expenses. The initial cost of installing ridge vents may be daunting but you ultimately save more money by avoiding costly repairs and cooling expenses.

Call a Professional

When you do decide to install ridge vents, call a professional roofing contractor you can trust to do the work for you. An experienced roofer will help you find the right type of ridge vent for your roof.


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Knowing the Perfect Time to Replace Your Roof

Two workers on roof at works with metal tile and roofing ironA full roof replacement is a major investment. If not properly planned for, it can be quite costly and stressful on the homeowner’s part. The question of knowing the perfect time to replace your roof is, therefore, an important one. When to replace your roof is mainly determined by the condition of your old roof and the season.

Indications that You May Need to Replace Your Roof


Asphalt shingles typically last an average of 25 years. You might know it’s a good time to replace your roof if you are getting to this age. Don’t be fooled by the fact that your 30-year-old roof looks just fine, there might be some underlying problems with the old thing.

Worn Out Shingles

It is natural that after a significant amount of weathering and aging, your asphalt shingles will begin to tear and curl up. Worn out shingles tend to become loose and may fall off in a windstorm. This is a telling sign that wholesale replacement of your roof should begin.

Granules in the Gutter

Another sign that your roof is near its lifespan is if your gutters are filled with granules. The protective granules on your shingles will with time wear away, causing them to harden from heat and sun exposure. This aging and decay eventually provides an entry point for water which causes serious damage to your home

Issues in Your Attic

If your attic’s insulation has moisture or there is daylight coming through its roof boards, it indicates that it is time to replace your roof.


If you notice some discoloration on your roof, it may be as a result of mold. Mold forms on damp wood sheathing and creates an unhealthy condition for your family. Excessive mold on your roof may indicate immediate replacement.

heavy snow accumulation on top of a roofSeasons to Replace Your Roof

An experienced roofing professional will guarantee the same high-quality standard of work regardless of the season. Indeed, roofing contractors work all year round to replace and repair roofs. Nevertheless, the weather conditions and temperature at the time of doing your roof replacement impacts on how easy the process is and the cost of installation. Below is a run-down of the various seasons and their suitability for doing roofing replacement.


Spring is a fairly steady season for the roofing business. The middling spring weather will cause no problems for roof replacements. This is perhaps a good time for you to start replacing your roof


Summer tends to be a quieter, off-peak period when it comes to replacing roofs. Since the weather is much less volatile, roofing problems are less apparent. Consequently, few homeowners require the services of a roofing contractor. You might consider booking your roof replacement in the summer since your roofer will likely have less work and may be able to give you a discounted price.


Together with spring, autumn is a peak time for doing roof replacements. Most families will be replacing or repairing their roof in preparation for the winter period. This will mean that your roofer may be swamped with work so ensure you book your roof replacement early.


Doing a roof replacement in winter presents several complications:

  • Compressors and nail guns are affected by the cold temperatures
  • Shingles may not adhere to each other properly
  • The cold temperatures can cause materials to freeze or harden and then eventually crack beneath the pressure of a nail or tool
  • Roofing contractors are often in high demand to carry out emergency roof repairs at this time thus you might find yourself in a tricky situation if you wait till winter.


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Knowing the Right Time to Repair Your Commercial Roof

Two men working on the roof

Roof replacement on commercial buildings is an expensive and cumbersome undertaking. Performing the needed maintenance and occasional repair of your commercial roof can prolong the time when it is absolutely necessary to replace it.

If you learn how to spot potential roof problems at their onset, you can keep a small issue from growing to the stage where extensive roof repairs or replacement is needed. That said, detecting roofing troubles is not such a straightforward affair. Most folks only notice a problem such as water leak when there could be other serious underlying systems suffering damage as well.

Signs That You Need a Commercial Roof Repair

Interior Water Leak

One of the surest and most obvious indications that your commercial roof needs repair is an interior water leak. Water leaks may stain your ceiling, walls and the floor. Water leaking in your building’s interior will promote mold and mildew development, can damage your insulation and even cause serious damage to drywall, paint, and wallpaper.

Some subtle signs of a leak in your commercial building interior are if some areas have a damp smell that seems to be coming from the roof. If you notice any signs of a water leak in your commercial roof, you should call a technician to take a closer look at the problem.

Rising Energy Bills

Your roof performs other tasks apart from keeping you safe from the elements. One of those tasks is insulation. A roof in good condition should function as an insulating material that prevents your commercial building from dissipating its warmth during winter. In the summer it should shield your building’s interior from too much heat from the outside. All the two condition above will mean your HVAC is working harder, meaning higher energy bills.

Visible Signs of Roof Damage

Survey the roof by walking around the perimeter of your building. Some common signs to look for include:

  • Bubbles on the roof– Raised parts on your commercial roof usually means trapped moisture. Trapped moisture makes roofing materials more susceptible to wind damage. The place where bubbles form will guide you to where the water has been leaking.
  • Failed flashings– Flashings are an important part component of your roof. They are used to protect the joints between the roof and other structures including the edges the roofing materials meet with the top of the building. Damaged flashing may allow water to seep into your commercial building.
  • Sagging– If you notice that your commercial roof is sagging, it is a sign of an underlying problem. Previous pounding could have caused this problem. However way the problem started, it is not ideal or safe and will require immediate attention from your roofing contractor.
  • Missing or Torn Shingles– This is another indication that your roof needs to be repaired immediately. Granules in the gutter system usually mean your commercial roof needs to be replaced.

Roof Age

This is obvious. If your roof has been around for a long time, it has seen the worst of days. It will definitely deteriorate over time. An old roof should regularly be inspected to ensure it is still in good condition

Always call a trusted and experienced roofing contractor to inspect your roof and determine if it needs repair or replacement.


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Tips to Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

Best Roofing Contractors

A roofing contractor is an important person in your roof’s life. It is vital to select an experienced contractor who can take good care of your roof so that it outlives its lifespan. Knowing the right roofer for the job is a challenging and confusing affair. Below are simple tips that help you select a roofer that will fit your needs as the homeowner.

Insurance and Licensing

It is paramount that you verify that the contractor you select has all the necessary licensing up to date and they are fully insured. The contractor should have the insurance for all their employees and subcontractors. They should provide this insurance certificate on request. They should have both the workman’s compensation and general liability insurance.

Go Local

Ensure you choose a local company. There is a reduced chance of potential issues or scams when you choose a contractor from around your area. Local not only means that they should be operating locally at the moment, but that they have established a reputation in the community.

Get it in Writing

Don’t accept verbal agreements and vague estimations. A good roofer will have a contract or a proposal in writing ready for you to review. They will have all aspects of the project on paper; from the length of the job from start to finish, the procedure, the materials needed as well as what it will cost you.

Manufacturer Certification

Manufacturer certifications are considered a badge of honor since the contractor will usually have to pass minimum, rigorous requirements to be certified. This may even be important to you in terms of making claims on your warranty as some manufacturers tend to decline claims for roofs that have not been installed by a roofer they have certified.

spending money on roofing companyDon’t Depend on Price Too Much

You should never choose a company based on the price. Customers who are thinking only of the price may end up spending more to fix problems that would have been covered under a workmanship guarantee by a reputable, established roofing company.

Improve Your Communication

When working with a roofer, it important for them to stay in contact with you to update on the progress of the job and to answer any questions you might have. If the roofer is not returning your calls and they are always late, it is an indication of how the job might go. A good and reliable contractor should always keep you informed.

Experience and References

A high-quality roofer’s work will speak for itself. They will have references as well as years of experience. They will be able to put you in contact with past clients who can demonstrate the quality of the work they have done.


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Important Things You Should Know Before Replacing Your Shingle Roof

The roof is one of the most important components of your house. It represents a huge investment. Before you decide to replace it, you should consider several factors.

badly damaged roof

Important Factors

Do You Need to?

The number one question you should be asking yourself is if you actually need a roof replacement. Just because there is discoloration from algae or a little moss doesn’t mean you need a new shingle roof.

Check for the following signs before you replace your roof:

  • Leaking attic or ice buildup means imminent replacement is necessary.
  • Cracked, curled or missing shingles.
  • Stains, mold or mildew development on the interior walls or ceiling.
  • Granule loss- a lot of granules in your gutters means that your shingles have lost their water resistance and need to be replaced.
  • Age – if your fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof is two decades old, you probably need a replacement, even if you can’t see obvious signs of damage.

It is a good idea to regularly inspect your roof, especially if you live in an area with adverse weather. Don’t climb up your roof to inspect it. Use binoculars while safely on the ground to check the condition of the roof. You could always call an experienced contractor to do the inspection for you.

roofing contractorDIY or Hire a Contractor?

Replacing an entire roof is not an easy job. A properly installed roof is part of a cohesive system with many interdependent components that work together to shield your home from damage by water and other elements. Hiring an experienced contractor with a skilled team is always the better option to make sure proper installation is done.

How Long Will It Take?

Roof replacements will take some time and effort. The total amount of time it will take to do the whole job will be dependent on several factors from the size of your roof to the number of people working on the roof. It is important not to leave the roof unprotected for any length of time, so you should plan for at least several uninterrupted days in a row to work on the job.

Strip Away the Old Roof

Building codes allow you to have two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof, so if there is only one layer in place, you can have a new one installed over it. This may save you some dollars and a fair bit of mess. It is, however, advisable that you strip away your old roof before laying on a new one. Completely removing your old roof allows the roofer to check for rot, water damage or insect infestation underneath. This allows them to repair any damage before installing the new shingles.


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All You Should Know About Shingle Warranties

Guarantee shinglesHomeowners are expected to purchase a warranty when they are buying a new roof. Warranties are an important part of the deal. Nevertheless, many homeowners don’t know how to look at the fine print when it comes to warranties or why they would need warranties to begin with.

Why are Asphalt Shingle Warranties Necessary?

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common type of roof you will see around. When people are talking about roofs, they are usually referring to asphalt roofs. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable roofing material. They are also very durable. Nevertheless, they will not last forever. A shingle roof is susceptible to damage from unforeseen circumstances. Your roof usually represents a huge investment. It is desirable that you are protected (to some extent) when your roof is damaged. Warranties provide this protection.

Important Considerations

Know What It Covers

Not only do you need to know what the warranty covers, you need to know what it does not cover. There are usually two main warranties for your roof: the manufacturer’s and the contractor’s warranty.

The manufacturer’s warranty is limited to defects in the shingles that have been caused by the manufacturing process. They do not cover damages that occur to your shingles because of flaws in the installation. Such warranties cover only the cost of the material, the labor, disposal and any other additional cost is not included.

The contractor’s warranty is given by the roofing contractor and covers installation and quality workmanship.

Both of these warranties are important and you should ensure you have them when installing a new roof.

Be Aware of Prorating Warranties.

A prorated warranty is that in which the amount decreases with time. Most warranties will be made for a short, initial period during which the manufacturer will pay for all the expenses if the shingle fails. After this period, however, the amount decreases every year and may even go down to zero.

The Roofer Should Help with Your Warranty Claims

Claims on a warranty are not a walk in the park. It is important that you roofing contractor is experienced and helpful so that they can work hand in hand with the manufacturers throughout this process. Such a roofing contractor would have handled similar claims before and they will be able to guide you through.

Hire a Certified Contractor

Manufacturers will usually certify contractors to install their products. They certify roofers with proven track record and competence. Certified contractors have the ability to offer much more comprehensive warranties.

A certified roofer will also ensure proper installation of your shingles, failure to which your warranty might be void.

Don’t Accept Unless It is on paper

Many roofers will be quick to promise protection for life. All promises are void unless they are put on paper. When looking for a roofing contractor, take into consideration the value and the trustworthiness of their warranties. Demand to have any agreement on paper.


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