Why Is It Important To Feel Safe At Home?

Nov 18, 2017

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Your home is your special place away from the horrors of the world, and it’s the only place where you can feel like yourself and relax. It’s unfortunate that, sometimes, not everyone feels safe at home. Whether your home has been burglarized in the past or something negative has happened in your life, you may start to feel that dark corners are a threat and potential danger is lurking in the shadows (even if that’s not the case). Why is it important to feel safe at home?

Feeling Safe Impacts Your Emotions

Though most sources online talk about children needing to feel safe at home, emotional safety is something that’s important to adults as well. How you react at school or in the workplace is significantly impacted by your ability to feel safe in your home environment and to be able to “unwind” when necessary. The lack of feeling safe causes severe anxiety, sleeplessness, and an inability to function. Emotional safety is a sense of feeling and knowing that you’re safe internally, and this can only be honed if your home is a warm and loving environment.

There are many different reasons why someone may feel unsafe at home emotionally, but it often has to do with social interaction. If a family member or a member of the community creates tension, chaos or verbally abuses someone regularly, it can lead to serious problems in the home that may carry over to other aspects of a person’s life.

Physical Safety In The Home Matters

Emotional safety is always at the top of everyone’s list, but physical safety comes in at a close second. Sometimes, there are outside forces that are out of our control, but there are other instances where physical safety can be impacted by our ability to make wise decisions.

It always comes down to making sure that your home is safe internally and externally. For this reason, many homeowners secure the perimeter of their property by installing a security system throughout the premises. There are other things that a person can do to feel safe such as eliminating dark corners by installing ample lighting, using window treatments to prevent wandering eyes, and choosing safety locks that can make it harder to break in. Knowing your home is a physically safe place can also avert anxiety and will allow you to let your guard down and truly get some sleep at night.

Protect Yourself Psychologically

Many studies conducted in the late ’90s revealed that children that feel safe emotionally in their homes are less likely to abuse drugs and use sexual activity as a means to de-stress. This same thought can be applied to adults as psychological problems in the home can lead to problems such as drinking and self-medicating.

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It’s always important to understand that there’s a significant difference between feeling safe and knowing that you’re safe in your home. To ease anxiety, sleeplessness, and any psychological problems, you must do everything in your power to physically and emotionally make your home a safer place.

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