When To Get A Roof Inspection?

Nov 18, 2017

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Given that the roof isn’t something that moves or breathes, it gets taken for granted quickly. Just as long as it provides shelter from the elements, there is not much need to worry about it. Unfortunately, this type of attitude is why homeowners end up spending thousands of dollars on roof repairs. Instead of preventing problems from escalating, they allow it to become much bigger than it needs to be.

Certain things just need to happen, and a proper roof inspection is one of them. But when exactly should you call for an examination?

  • 1. Once Or Twice A Year

Just like going to the dentist, the roof needs a professional eye once or twice a year. And seeing as a reputable company won’t charge you anything for the inspection, it’s better to make that appointment twice on an annual basis.

This is a very good way to possibly see something bad before it gets worse, and preventing it at a very affordable price. In other words, if you haven’t done it already, now is a good time to arrange that inspection.

  • 2. After A Big Storm

If you live in an area with notorious storms and heavy winds, get an inspection soon afterward. You might not see it directly, but the storm or wind can damage the integrity of the roof and create weak areas.

As for climbing up the roof and doing it yourself, it is not recommended. Keep in mind that a professional company is insured against accidents on your property. Why should you risk getting hurt?

  • 3. You Are Selling The House

Home buyers are very picky, and they will get people to inspect the roof as well as the rest of the house. If you are selling your house, don’t get stuck with any surprises from the buyer. Instead, call a professional for a thorough inspection and get an opinion. If there are areas that require repairs, do them and sell the house for the price it is worth.

  • 4. You Are Buying A House

If you are the one buying the house, you have to be just as diligent and get your oen professional inspection done. And while the seller might seem trustworthy, you are about to spend a lot of money. Do you really want to find out you paid way too much?

  • 5. You Spot Mold Or Leaks

There are some inspections you can do yourself that don’t require going up on the roof. They include a simple assessment of the ceiling from inside the house. If water is leaking onto it, you should see it quite clearly, and it also means you need a professional inspection. Who knows where the leak is coming from, but at least you found it.

Even though the roof is made to last incredibly long, the quality will differ. Some roofs simply will not stand long enough, while others can hold a lifetime. And it is usually those that receive regular maintenance that lasts the longest.

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