What Will Happen If You Neglect Roof Maintenance?

Nov 18, 2017

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The roof is one of the essential components of any home or building. If you fail to take proper care of your home’s roof and roof maintenance, you will be putting everything under it in jeopardy. It is important to have the roof inspected regularly and repairs completed promptly to avoid problems. Keep reading to learn more about five things that are likely to happen if you neglect your roof.

  • 1. Leaks

The first negative consequence of neglecting your roof is that it is likely to start leaking, and once this happens the problem will only get worse. Even small but noticeable blemishes in the roof that are ignored can lead to leaks. Once the roof starts leaking, it will continue doing so until it is repaired. Leaks cannot plug themselves but continue expanding until they are fixed.

  • 2. Mold

Wet insulation, clogged gutters, and a damp roof layer can lead to mold growth, which can be dangerous for the occupants of your home or building. Mold is a costly problem to resolve once it sets in, so don’t let it. Check and clean your gutter systems regularly, check your roof for leaks frequently, and periodically check that no insulation is exposed. If you do these things, the mold is unlikely to enter your home or building.

  • 3. Pests and Animals

Neglecting your roof is one of the fastest ways to become infested with pests and animals in your roofing system. If the damage to the roof is severe enough and the holes are large enough, you are likely to see rodents, large insects, and even small animals such as raccoons entering your home or building through the roof. Depending on the kind of access the pests and animals get, you could easily find a whole family of animals and pests living in your roofing system.

  • 4. Safety Hazard

A neglected roof is a dangerous roof. Leaks lead to pest infestation, water damage, and mold growth, which all compromise the structural integrity of the roof and the idea of your roof caving in can become a real possibility. Waterlogged roofs or roofs with rotting support beams can pose a severe danger to the occupants of those homes or buildings. It is thus important to ensure that you don’t neglect the roof in your home since it keeps you and your loved ones safe and dry.

  • 5. Increased Energy Bills

Increased energy bills are a direct consequence of neglected roofs. The holes that allow water to leak through can also let out hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer. If holes in your roofing system go for too long without repair, you can easily find yourself paying considerably more on your electric bill every month.

Home in Frisco TXThe Bottom Line

Neglecting your roof is not such a good idea as clearly shown here. Fortunately, maintaining your roof to provide the secure and safe protection it was built for is not hard.

If you hire a professional to inspect the roof regularly, problems will be detected and resolved early on, keeping you and your loved ones safe and your building protected.

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