What Is An Ice Dam And What Damage Can They Cause?

Nov 19, 2017

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Many homeowners look forward to the winter, and they may even consider it to be their favorite time of the year. After all, there is nothing quite like looking out the window when you are cozy and warm inside and watching the snow falling outside. Although the winter can be beautiful, you also need to consider what is going on above your head and sometimes, the winter can be quite damaging to our home. This is especially the case when an ice dam forms on the roof, and it may just bring more trouble along with it than what you are ready to deal with.

An ice dam is something that takes place when ice forms at the edge of the roof. It may occur on the roof slightly or perhaps at the soffit or the gutters where a continual malting and refreezing takes place until the ice builds up along the edge. Once an ice dam occurs, the snow that is on the roof is not able to drain off of the roof as it melts and typically, it just continues to build up the ice even further.

Ice dams take place when the conditions are just right. The surface temperature needs to be below 32°F so that the melting snow will continue to refreeze when it hits the edge of the roof. Also, the higher areas of the roof have to be above 32°F so that melting will take place. Typically, the snow melts and the water runs underneath the existing snow until it hits the ice dam at which point, it will freeze further. Of course, there has to be snow on the roof for an ice dam to form as well.

There may be some issues with the home that could lead to a higher possibility of an ice dam forming. One of the most common problems is if the house is not insulated correctly and the warm air from the house is getting up into the attic, warming the roof from the inside. You may also have problems if you have skylights or if there is an intricate roof design that leads to melting in specific hotspots as well. Any of those issues could cause the snow to melt and lead to further problems.

Unfortunately, an ice dam can be a grave issue and could lead to some significant damage to the home. One of the primary problems is that the water from the snow that is melting above the ice dam is going to run underneath the panels and into the house. Also, damage may be caused to the shingles directly, and they could lift, allowing further water to get inside. Additional problems include damage to the gutter or perhaps even structural damage to the roof. Mold may also be an issue.

Although ice dams can be problematic, some things can be done to prevent this problem. Contact the professional roofer today to have your roof inspected and to check for any issues that could lead to this potentially dangerous problem the next time it snows.

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