Tips For Missing Shingles

Nov 26, 2017

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If a storm passes by, you might end up dealing with an unwanted problem.

This problem is going to be none other than the sight of missing shingles. It happens all the time and is something that’s hard to avoid at the best of times. You will wonder what the next step is in a situation such as this and that is an excellent question to ask.

In general, the first thing you should be looking to do is change your mindset.

The goal is to ensure you are doing something about the missing shingles instead of letting them stay “as is.”

  • 1) Speak To Roofing Contractor For Assessment

The structural integrity of your roof might be in question after a storm.

Many property owners look at the surface and notice a missing shingle. Yes, you are missing a shingle but what about the underlying damage that is not visible to the naked eye? You want a trained contractor to come in and make sure the rest of the roof is okay.

If not, you need to make changes and ensure things are working out for you moving forward.

Too many people don’t speak to a roofing contractor, and that is a real issue.

  • 2) Aim For Replacement of Missing Shingles

This is a tip you want to consider if you are missing shingles.

Make sure to replace them. There are times where you might be able to pick a few up and keep them in your possession. Instead of putting them back into place, you want to replace them with new ones. This is a far better roof repair investment and is going to ensure you are not dealing with a ruined shingle.

Experts always recommend putting in new ones because that is a far better investment on your end.

  • 3) Assess Rest of Your Roof

In general, when the shingles are missing, you are going to have other parts of the surface that give out too.

In fact, many property owners state the corners tend to fade or lose integrity. This means as soon as another burst of wind comes your property’s way, the corners are going to get damaged or give out. To ensure you are not left with future damages, you want to get the corners reworked as well.

This is going to require a professional to ensure they know what to do in such a situation.

New home with heavy roof timber trussThese are the tips you want to incorporate into your plan while replacing missing shingles. Yes, this isn’t a fun situation to be in and is not an investment you want to be making, but it can happen to anyone. Think about this as you are planning for the future and get on top of this before another storm comes your way.

If you leave it in its current state, the rest of the roof is exposed to future damage, and that is going to lead to an even bigger bill! Take care of this as soon as you can.

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