Texas Homeowners – Here Is Why You Should Call A Roofing Professional After A Storm

Nov 22, 2017

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If you live in Texas, you must be aware of the millions of dollars of property damage caused each year due to high winds, hail storms and torrential rainfall. Roof damage is one of the most common forms of damage as a result of hail storms. While most roofs won’t give away due to an unexpected hailstorm but it is also a fact that storms cause some unexpected damage to roofs. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to properly assess the condition of the roof immediately after a hailstorm.

One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners is that they simply perform a quick casual inspection to determine the condition of the roof, but a thorough examination by an experienced roofing professional is necessary to thoroughly check all the areas of the roof. Any substantial damage may be immediately visible to the naked eye, but a qualified roofing professional should be called upon to make sure there are no minor cracks or another kind of damage that can lead to huge repair bills in the future. Here is a list of some of the most common types of damage that can be caused by hail storm.

You should know that the shingles on your roof have a layer of granules on the top which provide protection to the asphalt from the elements. These granules not only protect the roof from UV light but these are also responsible for coloring and fire resistance. When hailstorm damages these granules, your roof suddenly becomes more susceptible to UV light, fires and weather elements.

Fiberglass matting is used for providing an extra layer of insulation and increasing the structural strength of the roof. However, if this fiberglass matting gets fractured or exposed due to hailstorm damage, it may allow mold and moisture to accumulate in your roof which may not only lead to health issues but also decrease the thermal efficiency of your home. In simple terms, exposed or fractured fiberglass mat may significantly increase your electricity bills.

Shingles on the roof are nailed to keep them in place, but you should know that there is also a sealant on the roof that helps in preventing the shingles from shifting too much. Hail storms may contribute to the erosion of the sealant which enhances the chances of shingles falling off.

A homeowner may not be aware of these technical details, and therefore, it is important that you get the roof checked from an experienced and reliable roofing professional to assess the damage after a hailstorm properly. Most people are not aware of the technical details of the roof damage, and therefore, they are not equipped to do a proper assessment. If the breakage and cracks are not taken care of immediately, you may need to spend a lot more money in the future on replacing your roof completely.

An experienced roofing professional will do a proper assessment of the roof damage by checking all the above mentioned potential problems. If they find an issue, they will make you aware of it and fix the issue before it turns into a huge money sucking problem.

Overall, it’s important to call a professional to ensure the long-term structural integrity of your roof after a hailstorm.

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