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What Happens When You Ignore a Roof Leak?

Black-top shingles rooftops are the most well-known and ordinarily the most modest material arrangement – they are low maintenance and simple to introduce, however, have a tendency to be less impervious to wind and solid rain than elective arrangements like metal, slate or tile rooftops. The normal life expectancy of black-top shingles ranges from 20 to 40 years relying upon the maker and particular item, after numerous guarantees just settle somewhere in the range of 15 and 25 years.

Here are three things that can happen if you decide to go the other route and simply ignore a leak in your roof:

  • Repairs get more costly

A shingle rooftop hole won’t leave phenomenally or mend itself like a paper cut on a finger (Despite our special Asphalt shingles which can heal itself after an impact). Water will cause devastation when it is left sitting and significantly littler holes can splash into your protection, roof, deck, and different regions. Subsequently, the more drawn out any water sits and hits those zones, the more harm it will do and the more costly the repairs will become. On the off chance that rooftop spills don’t get settled, they will inevitably cause interior harm that are considerably costlier to settle.

  • Chance of mold development increases

A minor break probably won’t appear as though a major deal to you.  Wherever there is water, there are is a possibility of Mold development. At whatever point water spills into the walls, protection, and roof and is left unattended, you have made the ideal area for algae that may prompt a circumstance and a significantly greater repair charge that could have been effortlessly maintained if had taken care before.

  • The expected life of your roof system will decrease

No one needs to alter or replace a rooftop all the time – truth be told, the vast majority will put it off to the extent that this would be possible as a result of the cost and the issue. So on the off chance that you can make it last more, you should! One of the approaches to extend the future of your black-top shingle rooftop is to settle little breaks when they appear. Leaks that get overlooked, regardless of how little and inconsequential they might be, will debilitate the rooftop framework and will make you require that full rooftop substitution much sooner than you would have if not.

Has your roof been leaking?

Have you seen any issues with your rooftop like absent or twisted shingles?

Is your roof older than 10 years?

Has your zone been hit by serious climate conditions of late like solid breezes or hailstorms?

The best strategy is to call an expert material organization for an assessment and fix issues before they turn into an expensive issue.

At High-Performance Restoration Texas, inspections and price quotes are always free. We will take care of any roof repair and will inspect the rest of your roof system as well to make sure your entire home is protected for the long haul. We can help with roof replacements, but we also help you maintain the roof you already have to put that off for as long as you can.

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Ways to Keep Your Roof Project on Budget

Keeping a rooftop replacement inside budget plan is a challenge. By utilizing the correct material and employing better workers and experimenting with the accompanying tips, nonetheless, you’ll be well on your way.

Try not to Rush the Planning Stage

Except for crisis rooftop substitution, there is no motivation to surge. Set aside opportunity to investigate and think about your choices previously settling on a decision. Regardless of whether you’re taking a gander at various shading alternatives or wanting to change your material incline, painstakingly considering your choices will streamline your undertaking and help you maintain a strategic distance from pointless amendment.

Research the Ballpark Cost

You won’t know the real expense of your venture until the point when roofers give you composed evaluations; however you can make a few inquiries and get a rough estimate of the undertaking cost. This will give you a thought of how much financing you will require and what choices are provided for a specific cost run. While considering the task cost, gauge the long haul advantages of your material decisions against the cost; the correct choices for materials can expedite a critical ROI.

Abstain from Making Changes Once the Project Is Underway

Rolling out improvements while the material undertaking is in progress is the best approach to blow your financial plan. In a perfect world, the main changes to be made during rooftop substitution are repairs to damage that weren’t found until the point that the venture started. Whatever else will defer the undertaking, as parts must be reordered and a portion of the material work would should be fixed, thus expanding the task cost.

Set up an Emergency Fund

A Emergency fund is supposed to take care of the expense of unexpected costs, for example, the previously mentioned repairs. Mean to set aside 10-20% of your aggregate spending plan for this reason.

Find out that how we will enable you to keep your material undertaking inside spending plan, call High Performance Restoration Services today at (214) 396-7772 or round out our contact frame to plan a free in-home interview and gauge. We have many administrative regions in and near Texas.

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Introduction to Asphalt Roll Roofing

On the off chance that you are thinking about a simple, quick and proficient rooftop framework, at that point there is no preferable decision over Asphalt Roll Roofing, for a moderate rooftop choice, this material is anything but difficult to introduce and just requires fundamental carpentry skills.
For a utilitarian arrangement when appearance isn’t as essential, consider Asphalt Roll Roofing, which is made of materials like piece shingles however for the most part not as tough. Make sure to check the guarantee, which might be for just a single year. On the off chance that you introduce move material utilizing the twofold inclusion technique, it will last more.

Applying roofing material

Asphalt roll roofing is regularly introduced over uncovered wood sheathing or outer layer that has been painted with a preliminary paint. Applying roofing material felt first will better secure the sheathing against buildup, and in addition against leaks.

Exposed & Covered Nail Technique

In the event that the rooftop is slanted, you can utilize the exposed nail technique. For a marginally inclined rooftop, utilize the covered nail technique. For a level or almost level rooftop, utilize twofold inclusion, in spite of the fact that a light down altered bitumen or EPDM rooftop is a superior arrangement.

Final Estimates and Labour

Working with a collaborator, estimate to spend a large portion of multi-day introducing flashings and move material for a 700-square-foot rooftop with humble inconveniences. Set up the rooftop by detaching the old shingles, or by getting ready for a reroof. Since this is the minimum troublesome of roofing materials to introduce, just fundamental carpentry abilities are required. If you require any professional help, better and long lasting results, You may like to give us a call.

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What does roof demands? HPR Texas



Whenever you actually choose to go into a unique house, the very last thing you anticipate is to be coping with major issues right off the bat. A cursory inspection can usually point out items that should be fixed prior to the sale, but the roof might be overlooked. Roof repairs and replacements can wind up costing 1000s of dollars, and also you don’t want to be stuck picking right up the tab.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Buying a home is an ongoing process, and you ought to be as involved as you are able to throughout the whole thing. This means being present during inspections and being proactive about your concerns. Don’t be afraid to inquire about questions regarding the age of the roof and any recent repairs. This could inform you how soon you’ll need to look for Texas re-roofing services and provide insight into any potential weak spots. It can also help to find out how many layers of shingles are currently in use. Adding another layer is a lot less expensive than tearing off all of it and beginning with scratch!

Warning Flag

When looking at the roof, you should be in a position to see any signs and symptoms of obvious damage from the ground or from second story windows. Missing shingles and gutters should be a sudden red flag and merit a closer inspection. When in doubt, call in a roofing contractor to gauge the healthiness of the roof. They can offer you a free of charge estimate of every damage and a summary associated with average charges for residential roofing in Texas.

It’s also imperative that you ask in regards to the ventilation system found in your home. This is often an enormous contributor to moisture build up and may lower the life of your roof significantly. Seeing mold growth anywhere on the top is an indicator that something is not working properly. Throughout the walkthrough, seek out spots from the ceiling that could indicate water damage and mold or a recently available leak. If a person spot happens to be painted over, be sure to inquire concerning the reason behind the renovation.

Drainage Matters

Gutters and drainage systems are crucial to maintaining the integrity of one’s roof as well as your home’s foundation. All downspouts must be intact and carrying the water at the very least 6-feet away from the home. Purchasing a home is a good investment when you look at the rest you will ever have. Protect yourself from potential issues by working with knowledgeable professionals and also by taking an active part along the way.


It’s far better to hire a professional to complete an intensive inspection. If you live in Frisco or even the surrounding Texas, you’ll want a roofing contractor that is licensed and insured, gives an honest assessment, and when the situation calls for, provides reliable estimates and a written contract. Ben’s Roofing is trusted by many people Texas homeowners and HOAs for doing a fantastic job on roof installation, repairs, and replacement. Above all, we’re here to aid extend the life of the roof and also make life easier for you. Email us today with any queries you might have, and we’ll be very happy to help!

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Knowing the Perfect Time to Replace Your Roof

Two workers on roof at works with metal tile and roofing ironA full roof replacement is a major investment. If not properly planned for, it can be quite costly and stressful on the homeowner’s part. The question of knowing the perfect time to replace your roof is, therefore, an important one. When to replace your roof is mainly determined by the condition of your old roof and the season.

Indications that You May Need to Replace Your Roof


Asphalt shingles typically last an average of 25 years. You might know it’s a good time to replace your roof if you are getting to this age. Don’t be fooled by the fact that your 30-year-old roof looks just fine, there might be some underlying problems with the old thing.

Worn Out Shingles

It is natural that after a significant amount of weathering and aging, your asphalt shingles will begin to tear and curl up. Worn out shingles tend to become loose and may fall off in a windstorm. This is a telling sign that wholesale replacement of your roof should begin.

Granules in the Gutter

Another sign that your roof is near its lifespan is if your gutters are filled with granules. The protective granules on your shingles will with time wear away, causing them to harden from heat and sun exposure. This aging and decay eventually provides an entry point for water which causes serious damage to your home

Issues in Your Attic

If your attic’s insulation has moisture or there is daylight coming through its roof boards, it indicates that it is time to replace your roof.


If you notice some discoloration on your roof, it may be as a result of mold. Mold forms on damp wood sheathing and creates an unhealthy condition for your family. Excessive mold on your roof may indicate immediate replacement.

heavy snow accumulation on top of a roofSeasons to Replace Your Roof

An experienced roofing professional will guarantee the same high-quality standard of work regardless of the season. Indeed, roofing contractors work all year round to replace and repair roofs. Nevertheless, the weather conditions and temperature at the time of doing your roof replacement impacts on how easy the process is and the cost of installation. Below is a run-down of the various seasons and their suitability for doing roofing replacement.


Spring is a fairly steady season for the roofing business. The middling spring weather will cause no problems for roof replacements. This is perhaps a good time for you to start replacing your roof


Summer tends to be a quieter, off-peak period when it comes to replacing roofs. Since the weather is much less volatile, roofing problems are less apparent. Consequently, few homeowners require the services of a roofing contractor. You might consider booking your roof replacement in the summer since your roofer will likely have less work and may be able to give you a discounted price.


Together with spring, autumn is a peak time for doing roof replacements. Most families will be replacing or repairing their roof in preparation for the winter period. This will mean that your roofer may be swamped with work so ensure you book your roof replacement early.


Doing a roof replacement in winter presents several complications:

  • Compressors and nail guns are affected by the cold temperatures
  • Shingles may not adhere to each other properly
  • The cold temperatures can cause materials to freeze or harden and then eventually crack beneath the pressure of a nail or tool
  • Roofing contractors are often in high demand to carry out emergency roof repairs at this time thus you might find yourself in a tricky situation if you wait till winter.


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Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

new roof installation processAs a homeowner, when you are gazing at your roof and see some signs of aging or damage, you often start wrestling on whether to just patch up the damaged sections or to simply replace the entire roof. Either choice will come with its own advantages and disadvantages.  Which route you take is dependent on several factors but should always address your present needs.

Below are key things you should consider before choosing whether to repair or replace your roof.

The Age of Your Roof

A well-maintained roof should be able to last at most 20 years. It is crucial in terms of the expense that you get the maximum longevity. The age of your roof is thus an important factor in settling the question of whether to repair or replace. To get the most out of your roof, always do an annual checkup of your roof, clearing any debris, check out for leaks, damaged shingles and mold development. Don’t insist on doing repairs on your 25-year-old roof just because the damage doesn’t seem that bad, the old roof might be hiding other potentially worse problems underneath.

Signs of Moisture or Water Damage

Water is quite a destructive element. If water is able to penetrate through your roof’s shingles, it can quickly make its way to your home’s interior. Once there, it can do some serious damage and even cause health problems. Look at your interior walls for moisture marks or brown stains. If the paint is also pealing, it may indicate that your roof is seeping in water.

For a small leak, a short-term repair may be all you need. However, if there is extensive moisture damage to the roof layer, you will need a full roof replacement.

Weather Damage

The roof should be inspected after a recent adverse weather condition such as a tornado or a hurricane. In most cases, such catastrophes will result in a level of damage beyond what is immediately visible. Bigger problems may be lying underneath the roof and it is a far much wiser decision to replace the entire roof.

roof with damaged shinglesMissing or Damaged Shingles

Your shingles could be curled, split, torn or completely missing, all these conditions could be caused by many reasons. Localized damage may be fixed by a simple repair. However, if more than 30% of the entire roof has been damaged, a new roof may be a better answer.

Call a Professional

It is not always clear what kind of treatment your roof needs. Luckily for you, you can always enlist the help of an experienced roofing contractor. The roofer may be able, through a thorough inspection, to determine if only a repair is needed or a completely new roof is to be installed.


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Common Signs Your Attic is Under-Insulated

A properly insulated attic will mean that your family stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also means that your energy bills remain reasonable throughout the year.  So, is your attic under-insulated? Well, the surest way to answer this is to have a professional come out and take a look at things. Nevertheless, there are obvious telling signs that indicate that your attic is poorly insulated.

a roof with Ice Dams and IciclesIce Dams and Icicles

Ice dams refer to a common and harmful winter roofing problem which is caused by a combination of an inadequate roof or attic ventilation and a warm attic space. Formally, ice dams are an accumulation of ice at the edge of the roof which causes water to pool behind it rather than flow off the roof. A properly insulated attic will most likely never have a problem with ice dams in winter.

Ice dams mean that heat escapes through your attic and roof and will prematurely melt the snow that has accumulated on your roof. If you are constantly troubled with ice dams in the winter, you need to properly insulate your attic to prevent heat from escaping. You can read more about ice dams here.

Temperature Changes

This is not a straightforward test and it requires a bit of work. Begin by opening all doors inside your house to even out the temperature of your home. Next, walk to the different rooms in your house to see if any of them is noticeable cooler or warmer than the rest of your home. You can also feel the ceiling to see if it unusually hot or cold in any area. If you do notice a temperature difference in some areas, it is a sign that those areas are poorly insulated.

Drafty rooms are also a strong indicator that you have a problem with your attic insulation which needs to be fixed immediately.

clear view of a roofVisual Inspection

If you have safe access to your attic, doing a visual inspection can be a quick way to determine if your attic is properly insulated or not. In a poorly insulated attic, the joists and any insulation between the joists are visible. Depending on the type of insulation used, the convention is that the insulation should be on top of the joists or filled to the point that it covers the joist.

Unusually High Energy Bills

Poor insulation in your attic means more money spent heating or cooling your home depending on the time of the year it is. The HVAC system needs to work harder to compensate energy loss occurring somewhere else in the house. Small leaks in your insulation tend to cause a small increase in your bills and consequently larger leaks could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars.

If you notice any of the above signs, it usually means you have you have inadequate insulation in your attic. The next step is to call a dependable and experienced roofing contractor who can help you replace your attic insulation.


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Regular Roof Inspections Help Prevent Roof Damage

Family time at home in Frisco TX

A home’s roof is one of its most essential features. When a roof gets damaged, it is important to make repairs as soon as possible. There are many causes of roof damage including hail, wind, sun, and simple wear and tear over time. If roof damage is not repaired, a homeowner’s costs can quickly escalate.It is important to schedule an annual roof inspection to assess any damage to your roof. A professional roofer can evaluate your roof and identify any hidden damage. They will then provide you with recommended solutions. Proper maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent damage to your roof.

There are many causes of roof damage, but scheduling an annual inspection can help identify early damage so you can get it repaired. A professional roofer can tell you when you’ll need to pay for significant repairs and when all it will take to correct the issue is a little sealant.

All roofing materials will eventually deteriorate. Weather is usually the culprit, although even the best roofing materials experience wear and tear. The most durable types of roof materials are slate and clay. When your roof is constructed of these materials, it may last for decades. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, can deteriorate in a few years.

Poor maintenance is one the prime causes of roof damage. Regular roof inspections help identify problems in the early stages so they can be addressed and help prevent high repair costs. Routine inspections can also help extend the life of a roof.

Another primary cause of roof damage is hail. Asphalt-shingled roofs are especially susceptible to damage from hail storms. Hail can dislodge the small granules on the surface of asphalt shingles. These granules help protect the surface of the roof from sun exposure and keep water from damaging the roof.

When asphalt shingles begin to deteriorate, the sun’s UV rays can quickly cause damage to the underlying surface of the roof. If your roof has been exposed to a hail storm, it is a good idea to have it inspected as quickly as possible.

Another common cause of roof damage is high winds. With time, wind can loosen shingles, nails, and the flashing on a roof. When shingles or flashing are loose, rain can get under the shingles and cause severe structural damage to a home.

Regular Roof Inspections Frisco TXIf shingles or roof tiles are not correctly installed, they can fail, and your roof can be damaged. Professional roofers are experienced in installing all types of roofs and will provide a guarantee in case the work isn’t done correctly. When a professional roofer installs a roof, it is guaranteed with a manufacturer’s warranty. Before agreeing to have any work performed on your roof, be sure you are hiring a professional roofing company.

Identifying hidden roof damage is important so it can be repaired before it causes significant and expensive issues with your roof. Schedule a routine roof inspection at least once a year to ensure all problems are identified as early as possible.

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How Roof Repair Services Can Help Avoid Severe Roof Leaks

Home in Frisco TX

If you need to do a roofing repair in the next few days before it rains, you will need to find a roofer that can provide emergency services. However, if you just want to get someone that can inspect your roof looking for potential problems that could lead to severe roof leaks, you will be able to find several that will be available in the up-and-coming weeks. The best time to do this is during the spring and summer months, or whenever it typically does not rain in your area. Here are some easy ways to find roof repair services that can provide you with this type of help.

How To Find These Businesses

The best way to find these businesses is to start searching for them online. You can find roofing contractors that have websites that can show you all of this information. Once you have contacted these businesses, you should have no problem at all locating a company that can help you out. They will provide you with estimates on how much it will cost, you and when they will be able to come out to your location. It is also possible to get a referral from a friend that has recently have this type of roofing repair service done. Finding them in the Yellow Pages is possible. Regardless of the way that you obtain estimates from these different roofing companies, you can schedule a time with an affordable roofing repair service provider.

What Are They Going To Be Looking For?

There are going to be looking for many different things. First of all, they want to make sure that no severe roof leaks can occur. They will inspect the upper outside portion of the roof to make sure all of the shingles are in place. They will also go in the attic to see if there is any problem with the surface upon which the shingles have been attached. Once they have done their inspection, if they detect any problems that could lead to significant leaks in the future, they will point them out to you. You can then schedule a time for them to come out to do the repairs.

Professional Roof ExpertsHow To Make Sure You Get The Right Company

You can make sure that you are working with the right company by checking the BBB to see if there are any complaints. You can look at reviews that you can find online. If this is a referral, if this company did an excellent job for your friend or family member, you can expect the same type of results. Finally, you will know that they are a good company if they have years or decades in the community. If they have been there quite a while, they are obviously doing a good job. Best of all, some of these companies will have the lowest prices, allowing you to save money and also prevent any major leaks from occurring in the future.

It is so important to always make sure that your roof is fully functional. There should not be any cracks, missing shingles, or any other damage that could lead to substantial leaking. Once that begins, there is the probability that the water will come down not only into your attic, but onto your ceiling which can lead to dry rot, mold, and thousands of dollars in repairs. Find out more today about how you can find these roofing repair services.

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Applying Proper Maintenance to Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Roof Repairing Frisco TX

The care and maintenance applied to the shingle roofs on your roof will ultimately decide how long your roof lasts and how much value you get from your acquisition. The biggest problem is that the roof is a problem that is often out of sight and therefore out of mind, until a problem happens then it’s the only issue in the world.

Regular care and cleaning will keep small issues from growing into more significant problems that can require costly repair work and even the replacement of the entire roof.

  • Clean Debris

As time passes, any roof will begin to collect debris, dirt, and grime from all sorts of places. Leaves can build up in piles, and other objects can make their way to the ceiling carried by the wind and even thrown up there by kids at play. This debris can begin to collect in the most inopportune places like HVAC vents, pipes, and cornering in your roof features. If this is not cleaned regularly, moisture and other contaminants can begin undermining the waterproof qualities of the roof and damaging the shingles. Roof cleaning should be conducted once a year or as often as needed.

  • Inspect for Moss and Algae

If moisture is allowed to collect for any prolonged period the results can be an especially destructive plant growth. Moss and algae should be removed as soon as the buildup occurs. Special zinc strips can also be applied if you feel the moisture will be a recurring issue.

  • Check Roof Flashings

Be sure to check the flashings on your roof. These strips of metal are placed along the joints of the home’s roof where water is most likely to seep through. If these strips show signs of damage, they will need repairs or replacing immediately. Look for cracks and other damage algae and moss growing in the area will also be a sign of damaged flashing.

  • Check Shingles

Be sure to examine the roof and check for any shingles that have come loose or look like they need replacing. You will notice certain areas of the roof will begin to deteriorate faster than others, and if you can balance the repair work and deterioration, you will stave off the replacement of a section of roofing materials indefinitely.

  • Check the Gutters

frisco roofingThe only way rain runoff will make its way off the roof before causing damage is iff the drainage system is in working conditions. Every couple of months or weeks (as needed) you will want to grab a ladder and check all gutters and downspouts in your home and roof. Make sure all the drainage pipes are clean and clear and water can run smoothly again.

  • Check for Overgrown Tree Branches

If a tree has grown over your roof with branches that are whipping across your shingles, it is invariably causing a certain amount of damage. You will want to cut these branches back or keep them off the roof in some other way. Try to limit the leaves that are allowed to stay on the roof as well

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