Beat the Texas Heat With a Clay Tile Roof!

Clay Tile Roofing Frisco, TXImagine watching the Texas sun set and rise over your new fired clay or terracotta roof. With aesthetic styles ranging from traditional Spanish to French tiles, it comes as no surprise that clay roofing has won over the hearts of homeowners throughout the Southwest. But what exactly makes this roofing material a worthy investment for Texans? Is it the right option for your home? As the local roofing contractor trusted by Frisco, TX, homeowners, High Performance Restoration is sharing our knowledgeability—helping you learn something new and narrow down your material options for your next roofing project.

The Ideal Roofing Option for Hot Weather & Salty Air

There’s a reason why tile roofs are popular in the Southwest, and aesthetic appeal doesn’t take all of the credit. Tile roofing, particularly clay tile roofing, is an excellent choice for homes in locations that experience hot weather or exposure to salty air. For centuries, clay tiles have been used in architecture to absorb heat during the day and slowly release it during cooler evenings—sounds ideal for Texas, right? Thanks to this thermal conductivity, clay tile roofs are energy efficient and can help save you money by significantly reducing energy use. But the benefits don’t stop there. When properly installed, your clay tile roof can last a lifetime (50 to 80 years to be exact), making it a solid, eco-friendly investment that will keep giving back as it regulates the indoor temperatures of your home and enhances the curb appeal of its exterior.

Keep Learning About Your Roofing Options

When the time comes to invest in a new roof, residents of Frisco trust High Performance Restoration. From storm restorations to complete replacements, we’ll help you find the best roofing solution for your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our roofing manufacturers or to schedule a consultation.

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