How Roof Vents Work

Roof VentsEvery home has different needs when it comes to roof ventilation, but there are two main types of vents: Exhaust vents and intake vents.

Exhaust vents allow air and moisture to escape your attic. If your exhaust vents aren’t working properly, that stale, hot and damp air will stay in your attic, eventually leading to mold, rot and deterioration – all of which are expensive to fix.

Intake vents allow air to come into your attic. The main idea is to create airflow; they allow cooler air to enter and force the warm, damp air out.


Vents allow your roof to do the tough job of protecting your home. When vents are installed improperly, or when they’re damaged or no longer working, they trap super-heated air in your attic – and that can spell disaster. Hot air needs a way out or it’ll damage your rafters and ruin your roof from the inside out.

Vents help with moisture retention, too, by letting damp air escape and keeping good airflow through the attic. If moisture builds up in your attic, you may notice a damp, musty smell, mould growth, or even slow water damage.

A properly installed roof ventilation system can help reduce your energy costs, prevent ice damming on your roof (which causes even further damage), and helps keep the temperature inside your home stable.

Signs You Need New Roof Vents

  • The temperatures in your attic are extreme
  • You see moisture build-up in your attic
  • Your rafters are sagging
  • Do you notice mold or mildew in your attic
  • You see ice dams building on your roof during winter
  • There’s frost in your attic

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