Roofing Material Costs Can Vary and Influence Budgets For the Work

Nov 20, 2017

Construction Roofer Carpenter Worker on a Roof Preparing to Work.

A roof is an important part of a home, as it protects it from the vagaries of the weather. It is important that any roofing work uses the best materials for the type of roof that you want to have. The budget for the job is often a deciding factor, and the cost of the roofing materials can ultimately be the determining factor for the roof that you install.

Roofing material cost forms the major part of any estimate for putting up a roof in a home, or even for repairs to it. During repairs, you may be constrained to use the same materials as those already existing, but in the case of a new roof, the cost of the raw materials that go to make the roofing materials can influence its cost. Shingles are made from petroleum products and the variation in petroleum prices can affect the cost of shingles. Similarly, another material primarily used in a roof is copper, and here again, raw material prices of copper do fluctuate throughout the year and can determine the price of the copper materials you add to your roof.

Roofs can be low cost, medium cost or high cost. Shingles are the most common form of roofing material used and are also the cheapest. Slightly higher quality roofs will use metal shingles, rubber, tiles, and metal and can cost more, as the prices of these roofing materials are on the higher side. The costliest roofs use, copper slate, some uncommon wood, and other green roofs. Asphalt shingle is easy to install but can be more demanding of maintenance. Metal roofs vary largely in cost, and corrugated GI roofs are the cheapest.

The pitch or slope of the roof can play a factor in determining the cost of the roof. Steep roofs are difficult to work on and will lead to higher labour costs. Roof sizes can also affect costs for roofs. The configuration of the roof and the number of valleys and ridges can also affect roof costs. Easy access to the roof can lead to lower costs for its installation. Costs could be higher if there is a need for scaffolding and other safety equipment installation. Skylights and chimneys are features that add to the usefulness of the living space but can impose additional costs for roof installation. These additions would require proper attention to flashings, and some extra materials around them. The overhang of a roof can also add to costs, though it can be balanced by avoiding the cost of gutters.

Roof costs can also be influenced by the final coatings or protection that you use on the roof shingles, tiles or other surfaces that you have used for roof covering. In the long run, these coatings can reduce maintenance requirements, but will need to be renewed periodically.

Get a proper estimate for any roof, before you decide on the type of roof that you want to put up in your home. Ask the roofing contractor also to give you a long-term assessment of costs, as costlier materials may require less attention to maintenance.

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