Roof Repairs on Rented Property

May 23, 2018

Renting a house, as opposed to owning it may in some cases offer some attractive benefits. This is true for both homes and businesses. All the responsibilities associated with ownership are to some extent alleviated, and you can enjoy the luxury of a landlord whose work is to take care of the property. That said, the line between a landlord’s responsibility and that of the tenant when it comes to maintaining the property is a blurry one. Your rental agreement may offer some way forward but in emergency cases such as when the roofing needs immediate replacing, you may wonder what action you should take to get the work completed as soon as possible.

contractor performing repairs on a roofShould I Do it Myself?

No, you should not. Roof damage is classed under structural damage, which means that for a rental property, roofing repair is not a do-it-yourself work. This approach is ruled out by liability issues, questions of ownership, building codes and the possibility of further damage. Your landlord will be responsible for hiring and paying a roofing contractor to repair or replace your damaged roof.

What Can You Do?

In a rental property, unless you agree otherwise with your landlord, you will be required to keep the nonstructural elements of your rented space in good shape. Cleaning and repair of carpets, wall coverings, lighting, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures are the responsibility of the tenant. The roof, building shell, foundation, ventilation system and electrical wiring are examples of structural aspects of your building. Most landlords will not want tenants making decisions concerning such structural elements. This means that roof repair is up to the landlord.

Categories of Repair

All repairs in a rental property may be classed in two ways:

Habitual or Essential Services

These are repairs requiring immediate attention for the property to be habitable. Roof repairs and issues fall into this category. If hail destroyed your roof, the repair to it should be essential and thus the landlord is expected to act immediately to restore your roof.

Cosmetic Issues

These are minor and superficial damage or problems to the property that do not generally affect the property so far as to make it inhabitable.

two people talking over coffeeCommunication is Essential

Your landlord is not always around to notice any potential problem that might develop with your roof. You, on the other hand, can easily spot such issues. At the first instance of noticing a problem on your roof, notify your landlord immediately. Clearly communicate what the problem is and leave the next course of action to him/her.


You should be flexible enough to accommodate the landlord’s and the Frisco roofing contractor’s needs. The contractor will obviously need access to the house and your help here is crucial. Show the roofer the leaky or damaged areas of your roof for them to promptly begin the work


In many cases, the roofing contractor may be able to complete the repair work without disrupting the normal flow of life and business. If this is the case, you as a renter may schedule the work during normal working hours.

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