Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Jun 18, 2018

Many homeowners will be quick to jump to the conclusion that they need a roof replacement once they spot a leak in their ceiling. Leaks occur for varied reasons and may mean you require a new roof or just need a less costly repair. There are other numerous reasons that determine if a simple roof repair will solve an issue with your roof or if you require a full roof replacement.

Roof Repair

The majority of roofing problems will require a simple repair in order to solve the issue. For example, if you have a newly installed roof and soon after, the shingles are damaged by a storm, it does not make sense to replace the roof. A roof repair is all you need to rectify the problem and maintain the overall quality of the roof.

Also, consider the value. If it costs you a few hundred dollars to repair your roof, there is no need to spend thousands on a replacement.

two roofers repairing a roofRoof Replacement

Roof replacement is the other alternative to roof repairs. Experienced homeowners will immediately know that their roof has seen better days and requires immediate repair. If you are regularly paying for roof repairs, it might make more financial sense to invest in a new roof sooner rather than later. The following factors will determine if you actually need a roof replacement:

The Age of Your Roof

A well-maintained roof should be able to last at least 20 years. It is crucial in terms of the expense that you get the maximum longevity. The age of your roof is thus an important factor in settling the question of whether to repair or replace it. Don’t insist on doing repairs on your 25-year-old roof just because the damage doesn’t seem that bad, the old roof might be hiding other potentially worse problems underneath.

Signs of Moisture or Water Damage

Water is quite a destructive element. If water is able to penetrate through your roof’s shingles, it can quickly make its way to your home’s interior. Once there, it can do some serious damage and even cause health problems. Look at your interior walls for moisture marks or brown stains. If the paint is also pealing, it may indicate that your roof is seeping in water.

For a small leak, a short-term repair may be all you need. However, if there is extensive moisture damage to the roof layer, you will need a full roof replacement.

Weather Damage

The roof should be inspected after a recent adverse weather condition such as a tornado or a hurricane. In most cases, such catastrophes will result in a level of damage beyond what is immediately visible. Bigger problems may be lying underneath the roof and it is a far much wiser decision to replace the entire roof.

damaged roofMissing or Damaged Shingles

Your shingles could be curled, split, torn or completely missing, all these conditions could be caused by many reasons. Localized damage may be fixed by a simple repair. However, if more than 30% of the entire roof has been damaged, a new roof may be a better answer.

Trust Your Contractor

A local trusted and experienced roofing contractor may be of invaluable help in determining whether you need a roof repair or a full roof replacement. Such a contractor will be able to use his keen eye and experience to assess and give a professional opinion. That is why it is always important to develop a good working relationship with an experienced, trusted and local roofing contractor.


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