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We are High Performance Restoration LLC, your locally owned and operated Farmers Branch Roofing Experts. In fact, we are much more than a Farmers Branch roofing company; we are a full-service restoration company meaning we are your one stop shop for all collateral damage as well, whether it be fences, decks, gutters, or even interior damage.

Although most calls are the result of storm damage of come fashion, we are locally based and on call year round for whenever you might notice a problem and need a professional to address your concerns. The important thing with a leaking roof is to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Water damage is not something that will get better with time and can result in massive damage if not addressed promptly and correctly. The good news is the HPR team is experienced with roof repair in Farmers Branch TX, and at your disposal,  bringing more than a decade of experience to solve your problems.

Farmers Branch Roof Repair & Replacement

Let’s face it, there are many fly by night roofing companies and even out of state operations knocking on doors to get business. We also know that many times homeowners are taken advantage of because they are not contractors. At HPR, we’re dedicated to delivering a premium service with best in class customer service. We know that means working with our customers honestly and ethically and around your schedule to make your as comfortable as possible with any necessary repairs. It also means working to ensure we get your repairs completed with as little money out of pocket as possible.

We have a strong focus to be the best roofers in Farmers Branch ,TX, but at the end of the day, we know our customer reviews speak better than we ever could…

The job Brad and his crew did on my house after the hail storms this spring was truly amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more on-point job and highly recommended!

HPR Logo Mckinney, TX Martin Bruno May 2016

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Experienced Roofers

Hiring a professional roofing contractor allows the full advantage of the experience that they offer. Hiring a roofing contractor guarantees you that you are getting someone with expert quality when it comes to roofing work. It ensures that you are hiring someone that has sufficient experience working with all types of roofing equipment and handling all types of issues. They will have the knowledge and expertise, and they will have the experience to prevent future issues from becoming a problem.

High Quality Roofing Materials

Another reason you want to consider hiring a professional contractor to assist you is that they have direct access to the highest quality materials that you will find in the marketplace. They have direct relationships and partnerships with companies that will allow you to get the highest graded and highest quality materials that you can use on your roof. Being able to gain access to the highest quality materials will help to ensure that you are going to be able to get the most out of your roof.

Professional Guidance

Professional contractors offer any guidance that you might need for the project that you are getting done. If you are not fully aware of or experienced in the industry, you are likely going to need some guidance when it comes to assessing what roofing type you should be considering and what materials you are going to want to invest in. Being able to get expert-level guidance can maximize your chances of being able to pick out the right roofing type for your home in your specific climate.


If you are going to be getting roofing work done, you would to get access to the warranty that we provide. Getting a warranty on both the materials and the labor that is completed by a licensed roofer is one of the best benefits that you will be able to get when you invest in a professional roofer. Typically, the installer will give you a variety of materials that you can choose from, and each will likely have a specific warranty policy attached to them. This can help you guarantee that you can get sufficient value out of the materials and the labor that you put into your new roof.

Increased Property Value

You are also going to be able to enjoy increased property value. Having a brand new roof installed when you are looking to sell your home is one of the best ways to boost your entire property’s value. Thus, you will be able to supply the required documentation which allows you to dictate that the roof was installed by a professional roofing contractor recently which is not only going to make your home much more appealing on the open market, but it can allow the value of your home to increase.

Faster Results

Another good thing that you are going to be able to enjoy when you decide to invest in a professional to assist in the roofing process would be faster installation or repair. Regardless of whatever you are getting from a roofer, they are going to be able to handle it much faster than you would on your own. Merely getting faster installation or repair is reason enough to invest in a professional roofing contractor because it can end up allowing you to have much greater convenience by getting the job done faster.

Farmers Branch Texas

City Dallas Cities Texas Cityscape Skyline Urban

Farmers Branch is a city in Dallas County, Texas, United States. It is an internal ring suburb of Dallas and is a piece of the Dallas– Fort Worth metroplex. The populace was 28,616 at the 2010 census. Known as a “City in a Park” for its 28 stops in just 12 square miles, Farmers Branch is a little network that advantages from its closeness to Dallas and a substantial and different business network that records for 80% of the City’s assessment base, enabling inhabitants to appreciate one of the lower city impose rates in Dallas County while as yet profiting by top-notch administrations and open security.

The city got media consideration because of the 2006 enemy of unlawful movement measures and a law making English the city’s authentic dialect. These measures were struck around courts as well as revoked. In 2017 the network chose the City’s first millennial leader, Robert C. Color. Under the Mayor and Council’s authority, the City has organized making a more differing, network concentrated on administration in training, manageability, creative business advancement, and keen city outline.


The people group was first settled in the mid-1850s. By 1843, a network called Mustang Branch had been built up. Mr. Cochran later changed the name to Farmers Branch to mirror the territory’s rich soil and farmland. Farmers Branch was the principal area of the Texan Land and Emigration Company (or Peters Colony) in 1845. This made the network extraordinary compared to other known places in Dallas County amid the 1840s in view of its publicizing all through Europe and the United States. Baptist serves William Bowles opened a metal forger shop and gristmill in 1845. On May 5, 1845, Isaac B. Webb gave arrived at Webb’s Chapel Methodist Church, the primary formal place of worship in Dallas County.

Farmers Branch was joined as a city after a race was hung on February 23, 1946. William F. (Bill) Dodson was chosen as the city’s first leader. The execution of city administrations started instantly after joining. In the 1950 statistics, Farmers Branch had a populace of 915. In 1956, a home rule contract was affirmed that received a chamber supervisor type of government. The fast development of the city amid the 1950s was made evident in the 1960 evaluation, which recorded an aggregate of 13,441 inhabitants, a 1,369 per cent expansion over the 1950 figure.

Places to visit

Parks to visit our Farmers Branch historical park, Gussie Field Watterworth Park and the Rose Gardens of Farmers Branch. While you visit, Don’t forget to Rawhide Park and Tour or Lights as the main attraction of Farmers Branch.

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With over ten years of experience in the Home Improvement Industry, we’ve got you covered. If you are seeking a trusted Roofing Contractor in the Dallas Texas area, that specializes in storm restoration for commercial & residential properties, call High Performance Restoration LLC to receive a complimentary, hassle-free inspection & detailed condition report, submit a request below or call us at 469-881-8469.

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Free Exterior Property Inspection + Personalized Condition Report

With over ten years of experience in the Home Improvement Industry, we’ve got you covered. If you are seeking a trusted Roofing Contractor in the Farmers Branch Texas area, that specializes in storm restoration for commercial & residential properties, call High Performance Restoration LLC to receive a complimentary, hassle-free inspection & detailed condition report, submit a request below or call us at 469-881-8469

“Excellent service! Mike was prompt meeting me for my appointment and did a great job explaining the process involving my insurance. I would highly recommend these guys to any of my friends or family.”

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“Doug was fantastic. He walked us through the whole process, provided both restoration/roof expertise and some design advice. Definitely put our minds at ease. Very understanding, and in one particular case helpful, about the little ones during our discussions. Can't recommend him more, great experience and very quickly done.”

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