Roof Maintenance 101: The Fundamental Basics You Need To Know

Nov 23, 2017

Emergency Roof Repair Frisco TXRoof maintenance should be a period of practice that is integral to having a roof that looks good and executes its functions as required. It also is a practice that will prevent dangerous and costly damage to your home. It is vital for homeowners to know the basics of maintaining their roofs so that they know how to clean, how to check for signs of damages, which repairs are needed and how they are done as well as when a residential roof replacement will be the best course of action.

When To Worry About Roof Maintenance

Damages if left unchecked and addressed only worsen becoming a costlier issue. Roof damages should be repaired as soon as they are discovered as this will help keep the problems from becoming more expensive. With that in mind, it is necessary to come up with a roofing inspection and maintenance plan that will guide you on want to do, when and how. However, certain situations merit the need for an immediate inspection even if the last one was a day or two before; such instances include after high winds or heavy storms that can cause significant damage to your home.

What To Look For

The inspection and maintenance of a roof can be done from a safe distance using binoculars if you lack the experience or are afraid of heights. But you can use a sturdy ladder to climb up and have a closer look if you have no issues with height. Some of the warning signs of problems with your roof to look for include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Shingles with curling edges
  • Peeling flashing
  • Sagging gutters
  • Signs of rot, chipping, warping, and corrosion (depending on the type of roofing material)
  • Leaves, twigs, branches, accumulated dirt, and other large debris on the roof

After this, you can do an indoor roof inspection checking the ceiling and attic for any wet spots.

When To Replace Your Roof

The need to replace a roof is a matter subject to the finding of the inspection and maintenance checks that identify the various repairs required. The repair work may at times become a regular thing which should be a reason to worry since this is a sign of a worn-out roof. For instance, you may repeatedly nail down loose shingles or replace shingles every other time because they are curling. Such circumstances should be enough to tell that it is high time you had the roof replaced. Installing a new roof may not be cheap, but it is an investment that drastically cuts the overall costs of roof maintenance by more than half and offers long-term solutions.

Regular Roof Inspections Frisco TXBe Smart, Hire A Roofing Inspector

In as much as building expects advocates for DIY home roofing inspection and maintenance, they view this as the first line of defence against costly roofing problems. Your task is to know the fundamental basics of maintenance practices and what to look for and then call in the roofing experts to correct the issues. The roofing contractor will take note of your finding and then do another inspection (a thorough investigation) to confirm your verdicts and identify any other underlying issues to offer suitable solutions to the roofing problems you face.

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