Roof Gutter Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Nov 20, 2017

Roof Popular GAF Product Selections for homegutter maintenance is best done during spring and fall to ensure no ice or leaves is clogging the channels and downspouts. Clogging impedes the flow of water leading to flooding of the gutters, and this may lead to roof damage and damage the siding, crawlspaces, basement, and foundation. As such, you need to arm yourself with some DIY gutter cleaning tip and tricks to ensure you do the job safely and correctly.

  • Be Safe

Safety should always come first when doing home maintenance tasks such as cleaning the gutters. You need to use a sturdy ladder to climb and have access to the gutters. Make sure the ladder can support your body weight and is securely safely to prevent it from tipping over as you work on the roof gutters.

  • Use The Right Tools

You will need several tools for the job: a trowel, medium buckets, a hard brush, work gloves, and hose. You can hang these items on your ladder for easy access when cleaning the gutters. Sometimes, a leaf blower may be a handy tool worth using to help you quickly rid the gutters and roof of dead dry leaves so that you can work on other debris in the gutters.

  • Simple Steps To Follow

1. Start by removing the large debris which you can pick using your hands starting with any loose items that are not waterlogged or very soggy. You then can use the trowel to yank off things such as mud, leaves, and insect nets. Some things may be dry and caked to the sides of the roof gutters, use a scraper to deal with this items. Start cleaning from the drain outlet end of the gutters as use the trowel to scoop out the debris throwing them into the buckets. The hard brush can be used to do a bit of scrubbing as you hose down the channels directing the water to the downspout.

2. Once you have removed the dirt and debris to see the surface of the gutters, hose them down. Use a hose that has an on-off, adjustable water pressure nozzle. You can use a low pressure to wash off the dirt and mud before you use the high water pressure for deeper cleaning. Use the hard-bristled brush to do a bit of scrubbing where necessary as you hose down the gutters.

3. If the water is flowing with ease then that is a good sign; if it that is not the case, then the downspout may be clogged. If the flow is slow at the drainpipes, you can use hoses it down using a high water pressure to flush out the items causing the clog. The plumber’s snake will be the next alternative is the objects causing the blockage were not flushed out.

Cleaning the roof gutters is a necessary component of the overall home maintenance routine. If the gutters are clean and drain water correctly, you will be shielding your home’s walls, windows, doors, basements, crawlspaces, and foundation from water damage.

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