Roof Deck Protection – Is It Important And What Are My Choices?

Nov 25, 2017

ManNew home with heavy roof timber trussy people that have a deck that wraps around their home must consider the effect of runoff onto the deck from the roof. If they do not have a gutter installed, this could be adversely affecting the wood on the deck itself.

For those that do have gutters, they are still concerned, especially when it rains very hard, causing the water to leap over onto the deck bypassing the gutter system.

To protect your deck, as well as your roof from heavy rains and other forms of precipitation, here are a few choices that you should consider to protect both of these assets.

The Best Way To Protect Your Deck From Precipitation

If you have a natural wood deck, made of some hardwood like cedar or redwood, it’s going to be very durable. You do need to stain the deck every year, and also treat it with chemicals that can help prevent dry rot and mold from occurring. These products could be water or oil-based, and you can also choose from clear or colored deck finishes. Most people like to have the natural grain of the wood show through, motivating them to choose either something completely clear or a semi-transparent finish that can offer the best protection.

How To Protect Your Roof In A Similar Manner

Making your roof much more water resistant can be done in a couple of ways. If you are putting on a new roof, you can always use some waterproof material as you are putting this on which could be either tarpaper or breathable TPO membranes. If you are waterproofing the shingles, you are going to want to use a waterproof compound that is either oil or water-based.

It will be completely clear, but it will allow you to get many more years of use out of your roof and also prevent potential leaking.

Always Install A Gutter System

Finally, you must always have a gutter system installed with downspouts, specifically in areas where the water is going to run down to land on the ground and also on your deck. This is a preventative measure for developing mold or dry rot not only on the outside of your home but also protecting your deck at the same time.

Doing so will allow you to keep your home and deck as safe as possible from potential damage from dry rot, mildew, and other types of fungi. It should also be placed over the areas where people will be walking up to your front door, and even in the back of the house leading into the backyard.

Popular GAF Product Selections for homeThese roof and deck protection tips are very easy to implement. If you have ever done a gutter system before, this should be easy to do. You can also find materials at your local home improvement store that you can spray onto your deck and roof. If you would prefer, you can always contact a local contractor that specializes in roofing and deck preservation.

They will have the chemicals and equipment necessary to spray everything on in a minimal amount of time. As long as you get this done before the rainy season, your house will be protected from the elements using these simple strategies that are very important to implement.

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