Reasons You Need A Roof Replacement In Frisco TX

Nov 17, 2017

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Most homeowners automatically assume that a simple leak or a missing shingle is a reason to go all out and have a brand new roof installed. The fact of the matter is that minor repairs can easily be carried out by professional roofing contractors without the need to spend your savings on a new roofing system. However, certain situations may arise where a new roof is your only or best option.

Consider The Age Of Your Roof

How old is your roof? Knowing that your asphalt shingles are older than 20 years, you may need to start thinking about a brand new roof. Experts all agree that most roofs last up to 25 years if they’re well taken care of, and most warranties cover the roof for a limited amount of time. If your roof isn’t adequately ventilated or installed over an existing layer of shingles, you may need to invest in a new roof quicker.

Damage To The Shingles

There are numerous ways that you can spot damage to your roofing shingles. First, always check the portion of your roof that receives the most direct sunlight, and if you see that the shingles are curling or buckling, it’s a good sign that they’re past their life expectancy. However, in some rare instances, it could also be a sign of inferior roofing materials used, and it may still be under warranty.

The valleys of your roof are the most important places to check out. If any shingles are damaged or missing, you will need to invest in a new roof. Bear in mind that your roof’s valleys are the spots that lead water and snow into your gutters, and when they incur damage, it could be the end of your roofing system.

Missing Shingle Granules

A much simpler way of gauging the condition of your roof is to take a look at the gutters. Do you notice shingle granules inside of your gutters? Towards the end of their life cycles, asphalt shingle roofs tend to lose more and more granules. When looking at your roof as a whole, if you notice darker or inconsistent colouring throughout your roof, it could be a sign that the shingle granules have worn away.

Walking On Your Roof

Though it may be dangerous for some, you can test the condition of your roof by walking on it. If you notice that your roof has a “bounce” to it or feels spongy beneath the surface, it could be a sign that the decking underneath has suffered long-term moisture damage. Check your attic space (if you have one), and see if you see daylight peeking through the slats. It’s also essential to check for moisture damage in the insulation!

Having a properly functioning roof is a necessity that no homeowner can deny, and it’s important to check your roof for damage regularly. In some instances, simple repairs are more than enough, but there does come a time in every homeowner’s life when they need to start thinking about a brand new roof.

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