How to Recover from Hail Damage to Your Roof

Jun 12, 2018

hail fallen on the ground

A big hail storm can be a dangerously destructive phenomenon to your property. If the hail damages your roof, you will have all sorts of problems to deal with thereafter. A hail damaged roof may lead to leaks that eventually damage interior walls, ceilings and the floors of your house. The best course after roof damage caused by hailstorm is to identify the damage and mitigate it to avoid additional problems.

The good news is that insurance companies cover hail damage to your roof. That said, you will still be required to properly document the incident to your insurance company if you expect to get your claim approved. Below are guidelines on the steps you should take after hail has damaged your roof.

Check for Signs of Hail Damage

Hail damage varies in severity, depending on the wind speed, the hailstone size, and the roofing material. After a serious hailstorm, it is vital that you do a thorough inspection. Check the shingles minutely for any dents on the downspouts, and roof vents. Hail damage to a shingle results in a dark spot wherever the granules are exposed due to the impact.

You are not always able to see the extent of hail damage on your roof from the ground. Even a tiny hole in your roof system can cause significant moisture damage.

It is always a good idea to have an experienced roofing contractor do the inspection for you. Such a roofer will be able to guide you on whether to file for an insurance claim or not.

Protect Your Property

To prevent further damage to your property, you need to take some corrective actions.

Emergency Roof Repair

If some sections of your roof are missing, you will have to contact your roofer so they can immediately install tarps or do the necessary repairs.

Window Damage

Broken windows must be replaced promptly to secure your home from the elements and reduce the loss of air conditioning or heating.

Always Take Photos

Always remember to take photos before you begin roof repairs. This documentation is usually required for insurance purposes. In fact, contact your insurance company at the same time you are hiring a roofing contractor to do immediate repairs. Some professional roofing contractors will automatically take photos themselves before beginning the repair work.

Beware of Storm Chasers

Always hire an experienced local roofing professional with the proper license and certification. Storm chasers are scammers who follow storms around the country to gain from the damage caused by them. They take advantage of desperate and unsuspecting homeowners and charge them for shoddy roof repair or replacement. These con artists usually disappear after the work is done and they have been paid.

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