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In this part of Texas, we get our fair share of storms – in fact, some might say we get more than other areas do. Unfortunately, storms can cause significant roof damage. Here’s how to tell if your roof has sustained storm damage.

How to Tell if Your Roof Has Storm Damage

First things first: You should never climb up on your roof unless there isn’t a big slope or you’ve been trained properly. Roofing materials can be slippery, and if they’re damaged, they can be incredibly dangerous to walk on. If you suspect your roof has storm damage, your best bet is to call in a professional to inspect it (and repair it, if necessary).

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Here are three ways to tell if your roof has storm damage:

  1. You see debris on your roof deck

  2. Shingles are missing, cracked or damaged

  3. Damage to other items around your house

Take a closer look below at each so you know what to look for – and what you can do about it.

#1. Debris on Your Roof Deck

If you can see tree branches, broken glass or any other types of debris on your roof when you’re standing on the ground, there’s a chance that your roof sustained damage during a storm.

Because wind can drive rain beneath shingles, and because heavy downpours can force water through small holes and cracks in your roofing materials, you need to have your roof inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

#2. Missing or Damaged Shingles

Shingles on the ground are a sure sign that your roof has been damaged in a storm. Additionally, piles of shingle granules in your gutters or beneath your downspouts can signal major problems with your roof. Storm damage doesn’t have to be extensive to cause serious issues, though; sometimes just one missing shingle can pave the way for a massive leak.

#3. Damage to Other Items

When other parts of your home are damaged, or when items around your home have been damaged in a storm, your roof may be in trouble. Hail, flying tree branches and debris can wreak havoc on your roofing materials.

Do You Need to Talk to a Professional About Storm Damage?

If you suspect your roof has sustained storm damage, we may be able to help. Call us to schedule your free roof inspection today.

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Whether your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan or you’ve noticed that it’s damaged, we can help. Call us at 469-459-0855 to schedule your free roof inspection. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote for the cost of residential roofing repairs or replacement.

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