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Selecting The Right Manufacturer For Your Roofing System

When it comes to roofing materials, there are many brands to consider. At High-Performance Restoration, we work with the top-tier roofing materials companies in the country. They have the quality products and reputation that our customers want and deserve.

When you choose High-Performance Restoration, we take the time to explore a variety of options for your roofing needs. Ultimately, you decide which brand and products are right for your home.

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F-Wave Roofing Materials

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We couldn’t find a shingle up to our standards.

So we invented it.

At F-Wave, we have one simple mission: Create the best shingle the world has ever seen. Period.

That doesn’t just mean standing up to high winds and hail, or whatever else nature throws down. It means looking great while doing it.  And without the drawbacks and costly upkeep of asphalt shingles, natural wood shingles, and real slate roofing tiles.  The result is a premium upgrade to your roof at a surprisingly affordable price.

The REVIA Difference

Our REVIA premium synthetic residential roofing shingles are far superior to traditional asphalt laminates, wood shake or slate. The secret is a commercial-grade polymer that makes our shingles stronger, lighter, and easier to install and maintain.

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24/7/365/50 Protection

When you make the industry’s best shingles, it’s easy to offer the industry’s best warranty. All REVIA shingles come with A 50-Year WeatherForce Advantage Warranty protecting you against wind damage, hail, algae and colour fading.

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Decra Roofing Materials



You deserve the best, the original, DECRA As the original stone-coated steel roofing system, the DECRA product line represents a perfect blending of over 50 years of research and practical experience. Offering the ultimate in performance and engineering design is what DECRA roofing systems are all about. DECRA Roofing Systems are made in the U.S.A.

DECRA® Roofing Systems

The strength and durability of a stone-coated steel roof are combined with the versatile good looks of a tile, shake or shingle profile to give you a DECRA® roofing system. DECRA® panels have a unique interlocking design, that withstands high winds and adds shear strength.

DECRA® Roofing Systems’ unique design allows for roofing panels that contain numerous protective layers. Each of these layers serves the dual function of protection or adhesion for the next processing step.

Decra Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • 120 Mile Per Hour Wind Speed Warranty
  • Hail Stone Penetration Warranty

DECRA roof owners DO NOT need to register your warranty. Your DECRA warranty is implied and therefore registration is optional and no warranty number is required.

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“Excellent service! Mike was prompt meeting me for my appointment and did a great job explaining the process involving my insurance. I would highly recommend these guys to any of my friends or family.”

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