Emergency Roof Repair – What To Do Until Help Finally Arrives

Nov 28, 2017

Emergency Roof Repair Frisco TX

If you have recently gone through a powerful storm which caused damage to your roof, you will need to have this repaired as soon as possible. It could be the result of lightning, a branch falling, or even hail which has hit your roof. Regardless of why you have damage, it’s always good to have the number to a company that can provide you with emergency roofing repairs. Until they get there, there are a few things that you might want to consider doing to minimize the damage that can occur, especially if it’s continuing to rain.

Purchase A Tarp

If you have recently purchased a tarp that you can use in such a situation, you should throw that up on top of the roof as soon as you can. It is recommended that you go up when it is not raining to minimize the possibility of falling off. If you are in a one-story home, it’s not as difficult. You can secure the tarp using nails from your last roofing job, and this can stay there until the professional roofers arrive. If you do not have one, you should purchase a tarp as quickly as you can and make this temporary repair to prevent water from getting in.

Replace Missing Shingles

Sometimes the problem is easy to fix such as replacing missing shingles. Most people will have leftover shingles from the previous roofing project. You will simply need to get a ladder, hammer, and roofing nails so that you can do this repair quickly on your own. Just make sure that you are inserting the shingles underneath the ones that are already there. This will allow the natural flow of the water to go all the way to the bottom and not inadvertently come in through the wood. If there is a crack as a result of a branch, you can cover this very quickly with additional shingles.

Do Repairs From The Bottom Up

If you have had damage to the actual plywood underneath because of a branch or any other heavy object, it may have cracked the sheet of plywood necessitating an immediate repair. You can use existing plywood that you have to place it up on the bottom portion of the roof where the crack is and nail it in, being careful not to pierce through to the other side. You can then caulk around the edges and then go up to the top to either place a tarp or replace the missing shingles. Once this is done, you can rest easy knowing that, if it continues to rain, you are minimizing the amount of water that will be coming in.

Emergency Roof Repair Frisco TXThese are things that you can do if you cannot find a roofing repair company to come out right away. You need to find as many emergency roof repair services in your area, long before you ever need to use them. Once you have found several of them, you can evaluate them based on price and reputation on the web. They will be on your cell phone, allowing you to call them for help. If there is going to be a delay, use the strategies outlined to prevent water from seeping in until they arrive.

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