Choosing the Best Color for Your Roof

May 26, 2018

beautiful house with matching roof color

When you have come to the decision of replacing your shingle roof, a big part of the process is picking the color of the shingles. Your roof may last up to 20 years which is a long time that you have to live with it, make sure you don’t pick a color that will frustrate you. So before you pick the color for your shingles, here are several considerations to take into account:

Don’t Rush It

A new roof is an important decision. Like all important decisions, take your time before making it. It is okay to take some time to give it serious thought and consider all factors on the table.

Curb Appeal

The way your home appears from the street or the curb can help increase its value. The first thing people will notice before going down to the details is the color of your home and how it blends with the roof. The more of the roof that can be seen when looking at your home, the more vital it is that the color you choose for your roof matches the design of your home. Roof adornments such as eaves and windows should also be considered when choosing the color.

a cloudy skyThe Climate

The color you pick for your shingles can greatly affect the attic’s temperature. This is important in determining what it will cost you to heat or cool your home. In a hotter climate, consider light-colored shingles that deflect sunlight and keep attic temperatures down. In cold climates, installing dark colored shingles will help the roof absorb heat and warm the home. They (dark shingles) also assist snow and ice on the roof to melt faster.

Type of Roof

The type of roof that you choose is going to be important to the color and style you select. Shingle roofs come in virtually every color you may want, unlike some materials such as wood shakes. For a shingle roof, you can choose solid colors or a mixture for an attractive visual design that will make your home exterior appealing.

Consider the Neighborhood

Most areas will have homeowner’s association and subdivision rules and covenants which you will need to abide by. You want your roof to be unique from your neighbors but not in a way that there is a color clash or make an unpleasant contrast.

Match the Architectural Style

Classic homes will probably look best with classic color palettes. If your home is of some historical importance, keeping its traditional style is best. Orange-red colors tend to go well with Stucco homes.


When all is said and done, the biggest consideration is that you are happy with the color you choose, it’s your home!


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