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Window Condensation and Its Remedies

Every winter, homeowners have to battle with the problems of condensation on their windows. This condensation usually leads to pooling of water inside your home and will often reduce the windows’ value.  This is because it leads to wood rot, molding and damage to the plaster. It is vital for homeowners to understand this problem; its causes and how it can be prevented.

condensation on windowHow Condensation Occurs

Condensation on your home windows occurs when warm, moist air inside comes in contact with the cold, dry air from outside. The problem is therefore not with your windows; they only highlight the issue since glass surfaces tend to have a lower temperature than other surfaces in your home. That said, it does not automatically mean that it is supposed to happen. Double or triple pane windows have a layer of gas between the glass panels which prevents this issue. If the seal in your windows is broken, the gas may escape thus making condensation on the windows more likely.

Steps to Reduce Condensation

Seal inner Windows

You should make sure that your inner windows are properly sealed. If not, the moist air will eventually escape to the outer storm window and condense. Sash locks that are firmly latched should be used to close windows tightly. You may use plastic film kits on troublesome windows to increase comfort.

ceiling fanCirculate the Air

Circulating the air in your home can be helpful in reducing condensation. A ceiling fan is perfect for doing this. During winter, you will need the fan to rotate in a clockwise direction to push warm air from the ceiling and back to the floor

Check that warm Air is Reaching Your Windows

Make sure that adequate warm air is reaching your windows. Remove any obstacles such as furniture that is blocking warm air registers. You should occasionally open your blinds and shades. While closing blinds and drapes is a good way to save energy, it may worsen condensation problems since it cuts off the flow of warm air to the windows.

Open Your Windows

If the weather outside is not too cold, you can open your windows to free some of the warm, moist air trapped in your house.

Install Storm Windows

During winter, consider using storm windows to help reduce condensation to your interior windows. The space that is between the two windows will allow the interior window to stay warmer thus prevent condensation.

Turn Down the Humidifier

If you are using a humidifier, you can try to turn it down. Less moisture released into the air means less likelihood of occurrence of condensation.

Move Your Plants

Plants will naturally release moisture into the air. It follows that plants near your window will release moisture that is likely to condense on your windows. Moving plants to a different place away from your window helps to reduce condensation on the windows.


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How to Preserve the Value of Property with Proper Maintenance

Houses and roofIf you own property, you will be acutely aware of the challenges of being the property manager. In most cases, you are doing the best you can to keep everything working as usual, so when an emergency repair hits you, your resources, energy and time will be tapped out. Property managers will often defer property maintenance. This is a bad idea since upkeep helps you hold the property value.  Proper maintenance of your property is a long-term investment that will pay great dividends in the long haul.

Set Your Priorities

Most companies will put down a list of priorities that focus on the immediate income rather than the investment. Deferring property maintenance is the same as gambling with it. You’re counting on your tenants or leaseholders to put up with poor amenities and infrastructure while you increase your income.

Your priority list then should be balanced between preserving your income and maintaining the property value. There needs to be to be a compromise between these two lists. Invest in routine maintenance such as insulation, siding, gutters and soffit repair and upkeep. Factoring all these in your priority list ensures that the value of your property is preserved.

illustration of a heavy stormEmergency Recovery

Emergencies always cause serious problems, from the cost of recovering from them to the frustrations of both the property manager and the tenants. Certain emergencies will naturally jump to the top of your priority meaning that they have to be dealt with immediately without any delay. These are:

  • Leaks
  • Storm damage
  • High wind damage

It is important for property owners and property managers to have a company that is experienced in roofing, siding, carpentry and property management services on call. They should have the tools and skills to tackle every day or emergency situation repairs. Such a company should be dependable and respond quickly to come out to the property for repairs in case of an emergency. This should be the same company tasked with carrying out the regular maintenance and inspection work on the property. Forming a mutually beneficial relationship with such a company is crucial to preserving the value of your property.

It is also important that the company you partner with has 24-hour service so that whether you face a tree that has fallen on your roof or a serious overnight leak, they can quickly respond to do the necessary repair. Such a company will help reduce downtime on your property and appease your leaseholders.


Perhaps the easiest and cost conscience way of lessening the risk of water leaks, storm damage and other problems on your building is to do regular preventive maintenance. This cannot be emphasized enough: prevention is better than cure.


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Roofers at work

3 Types of Roof Damage that Can Leave You with a Huge Bill

Plano Storm Damaged Roof in need or repairAn average roof lasts about 25 years or more. Some can last for a century, but once a roof gets to the end of its useful life, a homeowner can see some signs of damage. This is ordinary wear and tear for an old roof, but for a roof that is still in its prime, there are three main types of damage that can either ruin it or leave you with a steep bill.


Most people work to keep leaks from happening in their plumbing but never forget about the roof. The roof is as susceptible to leaks as the plumbing is. Lost shingles can result in leaks occurring. If you see any, and you should inspect your roof a few times a year, you need to replace them quickly. If the problem is left to worsen, it can cause such extensive leaks that the repairs could be about $12000.

Visual inspections of the roof are all it takes to see if there are any missing shingles or tiles. When you are cleaning your gutters, this is an excellent time to look for missing shingles. Look for missing or damaged flashing, too. Flashing is plastic that wraps around the chimney and the roof’s surface. If it is damaged or missing, it can lead to massive leaks as well as substantial repair bills. Damages that are bad enough will warrant getting an entirely new roof, so always make it a point to take the time to inspect your roof at least a few times a year.

Blow Offs Due to Wind

This type of damage is done when the wind blows material off the roof. This can happen if a roofing company failed to install the roof’s flashing correctly. It can also occur when the roof has been exposed to high winds or severe rain. If blown off shingles or flashing are left, they can cause more damage and that result in needing to replace the roof.

If you have experienced a severe storm, check your roof as soon as the storm is over. Check the wood panels in your attic to be sure there are no signs of mold or leaks. If you see bubbling paint on walls or stains on the ceiling, these indicate leaks. Get the problem fixed soon or the repair will be extremely costly.

Punctures are relatively hard to see from the ground or even when you are near the roof cleaning a gutter. These tiny holes are usually the result of damage during the installation process. The reason these small holes can end up being the huge problem is that they are relatively inexpensive and straightforward to fix.

These holes may even still be covered under your warranty. If you let them go, the problem can void your warranty. Get them fixed before they lead to leaks, too. Contact your roofing experts for a through inspection at least once a year, so your minor repairs do not end up becoming huge and expensive.

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