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Myth Buster - A Shingle… is a Shingle… is a Shingle - High Performance Restoration

Myth Buster – A Shingle… is a Shingle… is a Shingle

In this article, we BUST a common roofing myth about Shingles.

Actually, there are multiple classes, manufacturers, styles, warranties, prices and color shingles available to homeowners.

There are many options available within each class of shingle. Every shingle company/manufacturer uses different raw materials, manufacturing processes, mix of products and color combinations.

The variety helps manufacturers differentiate themselves and provide roofing contractors and homeowners with options to make a perfect selection at the right price point.

It’s certainly accurate to say that all shingles are inspected and rated based on industry standards.

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Common Roofing Problems in Frisco, TX

The 5 Most Common Roofing Problems in Frisco, TX

Frisco is a spectacular place to live – but our weather can really be hard on your roof. While the best roofing contractors in the city help their clients choose materials that will stand up to the sun, rain, hail and heat, sometimes there’s no way around roof damage.

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5 Common Commercial Roofing Problems and how to stay away from them

It’s a well-known fact that the normal private rooftop can build up a few issues throughout the years. In any case, a business rooftop can confront a lot of inconveniences, as well. On the off chance that you own a business or are an Office Manager, what would it be advisable for you to pay special mind to? Here at High Performance Restoration, we’re specialists in business rooftop repair in Frisco, TX. Here are five normal business rooftop issues you ought to know about.

Rooftop Leakage – The main issue that happens with any rooftop is a leak. Property proprietors and chiefs ought to dependably look out for water spots or dribbles.

Ponding or standing water – Many business rooftops are level, which can prompt issues with standing water. Shockingly, these pools of water can make harm the rooftop whenever overlooked.

Establishment and Maintenance issues – Poorly introduced rooftops will have a large group of issues simply holding up to occur. The equivalent can be said in the event that you disregard your rooftop quite a long time. Continuously employ a specialist business material roofing contractor to introduce rooftop and look after it.

Surface corrosion issues – Single-ply rooftops are particularly inclined to splitting, shrinkage, rankling, and other surface issues.

Pass over, surging, or rising issues – If a rooftop isn’t properly glued to your substrate, parts of your rooftop may surge or pass over. =

On the off chance that you see these or different issues, call High Performance Restoration for business rooftop repair in Frisco, Texas. Our Customer care will investigate and give you a repair or substitution estimates.

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All You Should Know About Tesla’s Solar Shingles

There is a general feeling that we should be moving towards renewable energy. Solar provides a clean, reliable and highly available source of renewable energy. One way homeowners could effectively harvest energy from the sun is to install solar panels on top of their own roofs. Unfortunately, these solar panels don’t score well in the looks department. As a result, many homeowners will skip the idea of installing these units. Their bulky appearance is too much for them. Enter Tesla Solar Roof.

solar shingles from TeslaIn 2016, Tesla unveiled its new solar roof tiles that are actually functional solar panels. The company has been working on this product for some time and it features textured glass tiles integrated with solar cells. The tiles are actually aesthetically pleasing; you could call them sexy. They mimic the look of high-end roofing materials such as slate and clay shingles.

The tiles come in four flavors Textured Glass, Slate Glass, Tuscan Glass and Smooth Glass. The good thing about these tiles is that they blend in perfectly and one could even be fooled into thinking there is no solar paneling on the roof at all.



Pros of Choosing Tesla’s Solar Tiles

  • Tesla knows that looks do matter and took their time to design a gorgeous looking product.
  • These new solar roof tiles are apparently as durable as asphalt shingles. They can be walked on and stand up to the elements as well as other comparable roofing materials. The toughness of the glass used in their construction makes them resilient. They will thus theoretically be able to withstand damage from hail or even debris such as fallen tree branches.
  • These tiles could potentially save you the money you use to pay for electricity from the grid. The solar shingles can come with a Powerwall 2 home battery that you use to store solar energy during the day to power your home at night.
  • Environmentally friendly. Solar is a clean energy source. The new solar shingles ensure that homeowners use an energy source that is sustainable and environment-friendly.


  • Perhaps the most important consideration everyone is thinking about is the cost. Sola tiles are expensive to manufacture and install, making roof replacement to Tesla’s option quite a costly affair. Musk, the CEO of Tesla was vague when pressed about the price tag of the solar tiles system. If you are thinking of installing the new solar tiles roof just because you will save on your monthly energy bill, you might want to re-do your math again.
  • While this is a promising system, it is relatively new. It, therefore, has not been tried and tested and there are unforeseen issues that will occur with the product. While there is no problem in being an early adopter in the tech industry, you do not want to be in a position where you are the lab rat for an untested product. You will be the unfortunate customer that will have to deal with unforeseen problems with the solar tiles. All these make the new Solar tiles by Tesla a risky investment.

Making the Best Choice

If you live in a high-income area with inflated energy costs and lots of sunlight, opting for Tesla Solar Shingles may make sense. If not, solar panels are the obvious choice for those who want to invest in solar energy to save money. Lastly, if you just want to save money on your utility bills without making a significant investment, consider a new, better-insulated roof.


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How to Take Care of Your Roof So That It Outlives Its Lifespan

Your roof in an important part of your home. Think of it as your first line of protection against the elements. It also amounts to a costly investment. In consequence, your roof requires particular care to ensure it stays in top condition so that it does not disappoint you when you need it the most. Below are helpful tips for you to take care of your roof all year round.

Damaged RoofRegularly Check for Indications of Roof Problems

The first tip we offer will cost you $0. All you need to do is just look at your roof. You can be able to know a lot about your roof by simply performing a visual inspection every once a month. This helps you in identifying the problems early, thus all you need to do are small fixes instead of large renovations.

To do this, go up to the attic and inspect the roof’s underside to detect any indication of water drips, stains or algae growth. Next, go outside and walk round the perimeter of your house, checking for problems on the roof itself.

Roof Problems to Watch Out for

Look for

  • Obvious patches or cracks
  • Bare spots
  • Accumulated shingle granules (they look like sand)
  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Loose or missing edge
  • Valley and chimney flashing
  • Detached gutters and downspouts

All these signs may need immediate attention.

Regular Roof Inspections Frisco TXSchedule an Annual Inspection by an Experienced Professional

It is always a good idea to have a pair of experienced eye climb the ladder and do a thorough and professional inspection of your roof. This can be done every once a year. You should focus on a roofer that is insured, licensed and trusted for quality service. A local dependable roofer may offer free inspection to homeowners from around the area. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to spot emerging problems if any. They can also estimate the lifespan of your roof and advice you how to take care of it. Ensure you cultivate a good collaborative relationship with such a trusted roofer to ensure they come out quickly when you are in urgent need of assistance.

Keep an Active Maintenance Routine

One of the best ways to take care of your roof is to keep an active maintenance schedule and follow through with it. This may be done once every six months. The main goal of roof maintenance is preventing damage by making sure that moisture can effortlessly travel away from the roof.

You should sweep the roof’s surface of any debris and power wash spots showing signs of moss growth.

Trim Back Overhanging Trees

You might consider hiring a professional to trim back tall adjacent trees that are overhanging your roof. Ensure that overhanging branches are at least 10 feet away from your home. This will guarantee:

  • There is less risk of storm damage by falling limbs
  • Your shingles stay free of being gnawed by rodents
  • There is less buildup of leaves, pine needles and other debris

Keep Your Gutters in Good Repair

Make an effort to regularly clean your gutters and confirm that they are firmly and securely attached. Keep them (the gutters) in good repair to safeguard you home. Gutters that are clogged with debris or in poor condition eventually result in roof decking decay and even moisture damage to the attic and exterior wall. This is due to the water let back up under the shingles from ice dams that form along the roof edge.

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All You Need to Know About Home Insulation

You should be paying attention to what is behind your walls. Proper insulation in your home means a comfortable, healthy living. In addition to warming your home during winter and cooling it in summer, proper insulation reduces your energy bills, keeps unwanted noise out and even prevents mold growth. To properly insulate your home, you should start from the roof and make your way down to the foundation.

man fixing a roofHow Insulation Works

Insulation works by keeping outdoor air from penetrating to hour home interior and the conditioned air inside from escaping out. This is done by trapping pockets of air thereby slowing down how air moves in and out of your home.

Insulation Ratings

Insulation rating depends on the measurement of the resistance of the insulating material to movement of heat, typically known as the R-Value. The more effective a particular insulation is, the higher the R-value.  Local building codes list will recommend R-Values for the different areas of your home.

Signs of a Poorly Insulated home

  • Cold floors and walls during the winter season
  • Hot air inside your house in the summer
  • Unusually high energy bills
  • Mold growth
  • Ineffective cooling or uneven heating

Types of Insulations

When it comes to insulation, there are many different types to choose from. Which type of insulation you choose should be based on which part of your house you are insulating and the R-Value required. Below are common types of insulation used in homes:


This is the most common type of insulation. It has an R-value of 3.0-3.7 per inch. It is also very easy to install. Fiberglass batts for attic insulation are very useful and if properly installed to the ideal depth will comfortably insulate your home.

Mineral Fiber

Mineral fiber in batts, like fiberglass, is easy to work with. It is readily available from most home improvement contractors. It has a slightly lower R-Value of 2.8-3.7 per inch. Despite the lower R-Value, mineral fiber offers better fire resistance and sound-proofing capabilities than fiberglass.


This is a loose-fill material. Since it is denser than fiberglass and mineral fiber, it is mostly used in attics. Consider hiring a professional to install cellulose insulation.

Spray foam

Spray foam is becoming popular for home insulation these days. There are generally two major types of spray foam: closed cell polyurethane and low-density open-cell polyurethane. Closed cell polyurethane is the recommended choice for attics and exterior walls (it has an R-Value rating of 5.5 – 6.0 per inch).

Quick Tips on Insulating Your Home Effectively

  • Locate where the problem is
  • Check the R-Value of the material
  • Choose the right type of insulation for your home
  • Seal all the windows and doors
  • Seal vents and duct

That’s it, all you need to know about home insulation. We recommend you call a professional to do the installation work for you if you decide you need it.

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new roof installation Frisco TX

4 Reasons Why Proper Ventilation is Important for Your Home Roof

Proper roof or attic ventilation is vital to your home. Many homeowners know this, but some don’t fully understand why, no worries, we are here to help with that.

For roofing material manufacturers to honor their warranties, proper ventilation is required. Ventilation is also a requirement for building codes.  A specified number of vents is necessary per square footage to ensure the correct amount of air gets in and out of the attic. It is a good idea to confirm that you have the required amount of vents for your home before you replace your roof.

New home with heavy roof timber trussVentilation Extends Your Roof’s Lifespan

Roofs that have been properly ventilated last longer. In cold conditions, proper roof ventilation is important in preventing undesirable events such as ice dams. Ice dams occur when ice melts and refreezes at your roof’s edge, causing freezing of underneath shingles. The ventilation assists to free up any heat that may otherwise build up beneath the roof resulting in the premature thawing of snow. In hot conditions, a properly ventilated roof allows hot air to escape resulting in a cooler roof and attic.  This prevents temperatures in your roof and attic from soaring to unbearable degrees, a condition that can damage your shingles both inside and out.

Reduces Energy Costs

As explained above, proper ventilation enables high-temperature air building up in your attic to be released. This in turns cools your home’s interior and reduces the workload of your air conditioning unit. If the air conditioner is working less, it means lower power bills for you.

Releasing Moisture

Proper roof ventilation will protect your roof by releasing any moisture that would have otherwise have collected on the roof deck. Moisture that is not expelled from underneath your roof deck will result in all manner of problems. Metal materials will in time be affected by moisture accumulation- rusted nails may weaken or break.  Additionally, moisture buildup causes mold and fungi to grow and the roof deck itself may suffer from dry rot.

Oxygen Flow

The right ventilation system also allows free circulation of oxygen and prevents the buildup of carbon monoxide, which is harmful.

So there you have it, now you know the benefits of having a well-ventilated roof and the drawbacks of roofs with poor ventilation. A properly done ventilation job will result in a comfortable and safe home environment for you and your family.

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3 Facts About Green Roofs That You Didn’t Know

Green Roofing

Many urban developments are turning to green roofing. Green roofing is a unique feature that has several significant benefits to the building, environment and for green living. Adding a lovely aesthetic to neighborhoods and urban construction areas aa well as helping to feed the masses if gardening is incorporated into the green roof.

Green roofs are comprised of plants and soil and will help to reduce sound. The soil will reduce the lower frequency sounds while the plants themselves will help to reduce higher frequency sounds. This is an ideal way to soundproof a building. They can be used in homes or offices and offer a lovely effect on the environment that far surpasses the old fashioned look of metal.

Another great benefit of a green roof is that they are an ideal way to feed the community. More and more densely populated areas are finding that by utilizing green roofs, they can feed the communities. Gardening takes on a new appeal when green roofs are planted with edible plants.

Feeding Communities

grass roof country house

Poverty stricken areas can significantly benefit from that will help to feed and nourish their families. Instead of not being able to afford fresh fruits and vegetables, urbanized areas can grow them and supply a more substantial portion of the population.

Combine this gardening effect with several buildings, and there is plenty of food for the entire town. By working these rooftops as community gardens, people can drastically reduce their food bills and afford to feed their families. It only takes a few plants to make a difference.

Green roofs are also a great way to extend the life of the roofing. Old fashioned methods of roofing will eventually deteriorate and need to be replaced. Green roofing, on the other hand, doesn’t require such measures. Just plant it and maintain it. Yes, there will be the need for some maintenance such as weeding and trimming, but this support will give the roof a lovely appeal. If gardening is being done, it will be a much-needed resource for communities that wouldn’t otherwise have any resources for gardens as there wouldn’t be any space for them.

There are many other great benefits as well. Rainwater will nourish the rooftop instead of damaging the roof. Chemicals and heavy metals will be filtered out of the stormwater and thus cause less environmental damage. There will be more oxygen in the air as plants can help to produce oxygen. This will reduce the pollutants in larger urban areas where air pollution is a huge issue that is continuously being monitored.

Green roofing is also an ideal insulator for heat and cooling. Statistics show that those buildings that have green rooftops are saving up to ten percent in their heating and cooling costs over those that don’t have such a roofing material. All in all, green roofing materials are the wave of the future, and with so many benefits, they are far more economical and beneficial to both people, and the environment.

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3 Of The Top Benefits Of Installing A Solar Roof On Your Home

solar panels installed on residential roofAlternative energy is in the news every single day with innovations, dropping prices, and increasing efficiencies. In the past, solar and wind energy generation was more expensive than grid electricity plus the systems were complicated to install and maintain. Now, however, in many parts of the country, installing a solar system makes economic sense and helps the environment at the same time. Plus, if you don’t like the looks of having large solar panels on your roof, you can get solar shingles which combine all the advantages of having solar power with the beauty of having traditional roof shingles. Here are some of the top benefits of installing your solar roof today.

The Solar Roof Is A Compliment To The Architecture Of Your Home

One of the first concerns that many people have about installing a solar roof on their home is how it’s going to look. Not all of the shingles on every home can be utilized to make energy, so how is it going to look to have some solar tiles and some not? Well, there are two types of glass tiles made and look exactly identical just for that purpose. One generates electricity while the other is a non-solar tile that will look the same from the street level. This feature alleviates that particular worry.

Another concern is the availability of colors. It’s well known that to generate solar power the shingles are going to have to be translucent to accept the rays of the sun, so how are you going to get solar tile shingles that will match the decor of your home like in the past? One of the significant benefits of the solar roof tiles is that, not only do they come in a variety of colors, they also come in different styles as well.

The styles now offered, and there are more coming, are slate, textured, Tuscan, and smooth to match Spanish style homes, rustic looking homes, and many other decors. The colors now available are also varied with all of the normal roof colors already being manufactured and more being added soon.

What About The Warranty? How Long Before It Needs Replacing?

This is an important consideration since you’re going to be investing in, not only a new roof but also a complete solar power system. You’ll want your new roof to last at least as long as a new, high-quality roof, and then some. The new Tesla solar roofs are a good example of longevity. They come with what Tesla calls the “Infinite Tile Warranty” meaning that, for as long as your home exists, they are covered. So, for the entire lifetime of your house, which is infinity in most cases, your warranty is intact. The tiles are made of high-strength tempered glass, can withstand high winds, and are impervious to mildew, lichens, moss, sun, and rain.

Of course, like any new product, more information is becoming available every day about the new solar roofs. The prices are falling, more options becoming available, and these roofs are starting to be installed all across the country. If you have questions, you can get a consultation online as to the prices and availability in your area. They are the wave of the future at this point.

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