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Ways to Keep Your Roof Project on Budget

Keeping a rooftop replacement inside budget plan is a challenge. By utilizing the correct material and employing better workers and experimenting with the accompanying tips, nonetheless, you’ll be well on your way.

Try not to Rush the Planning Stage

Except for crisis rooftop substitution, there is no motivation to surge. Set aside opportunity to investigate and think about your choices previously settling on a decision. Regardless of whether you’re taking a gander at various shading alternatives or wanting to change your material incline, painstakingly considering your choices will streamline your undertaking and help you maintain a strategic distance from pointless amendment.

Research the Ballpark Cost

You won’t know the real expense of your venture until the point when roofers give you composed evaluations; however you can make a few inquiries and get a rough estimate of the undertaking cost. This will give you a thought of how much financing you will require and what choices are provided for a specific cost run. While considering the task cost, gauge the long haul advantages of your material decisions against the cost; the correct choices for materials can expedite a critical ROI.

Abstain from Making Changes Once the Project Is Underway

Rolling out improvements while the material undertaking is in progress is the best approach to blow your financial plan. In a perfect world, the main changes to be made during rooftop substitution are repairs to damage that weren’t found until the point that the venture started. Whatever else will defer the undertaking, as parts must be reordered and a portion of the material work would should be fixed, thus expanding the task cost.

Set up an Emergency Fund

A Emergency fund is supposed to take care of the expense of unexpected costs, for example, the previously mentioned repairs. Mean to set aside 10-20% of your aggregate spending plan for this reason.

Find out that how we will enable you to keep your material undertaking inside spending plan, call High Performance Restoration Services today at (214) 396-7772 or round out our contact frame to plan a free in-home interview and gauge. We have many administrative regions in and near Texas.

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Nationwide Commercial Roofing Professionals

Very few things are as important as roofing problems for a commercial business. Roof leaking, staining or any other issue, your budget is still sure to take a hit. More you ignore the problems of your old or unrepaired roofs, the more the opportunities are that this will temporarily bring down your business, in the end, resulting in further loss due to inactivity.
Consider a situation, an important customer just walks in and sees buckets all over the floor collecting water from the damaged roof. What kind of impression is that likely to give? A badly managed roof can make you lose your potential customers. They will prefer doing work with more organized and well-maintained professionals.
Proactively managed and scheduled roofing maintenance will save you a bundle in a long run. Is it better to pay a bit now and save everything, or, is it better to pay for everything in the end? The choice is yours.
Maintenance comes first.
Let us take an example of your body. To keep your body healthy, you do regular checkups so that the doctor can catch the potential problems and eradicate them early. Why would somebody do less for a roof which can lead to a huge financial burden in the future for you?
I have already compiled a list of common roofing problems to watch out for. Here are some benefits if you proactively maintain and schedule your roof repairs:

1) Catch Problems Early as possible:

Regular and scheduled maintenance performed by professional roofing contractors can help pinpoint the developing problems at an early stage. Extend your roof life: Do you know the fact that roofs are forced to be replaced prematurely as much as 80% of the time? Keeping the roofing under check may help to add a year, even decades to the life to your roof or even more. Here is an article that addresses on how to take care of your roof that outlives it’s lifespan.

2) Protection for all workers:

If you are neglecting small leaks, stains, and other important repairs, you are putting entire staff at risk. If you had ever paid for full roof replacement, you must know how steep the costs can be. Most of the problems related to buildings start with unmaintained roofs.

3) Preserve your reputation:

Your potential customers will be instantly turned off if your roof looks dilapidated. If you have a shabby roof, it will make whole commercial area shabby. Not to mention that the impact of a leaky problematic roof will make your interiors looks unimpressive. Bad odors are also an outcome of a problematic and leaky roof. This is definitely a turn off for your potential customers.

4) Why commercial roofing professional?

A professional’s eyes are trained to see the things the inexpert eyes cannot see. A roofing contractor is the one who is licensed with the state as a contractor who specializes in roofing. A roofing professional will carry out the work by himself most of the time. He is easy to reach and has vast experience.

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All You Need to Know About Roof Coating for Commercial Roofs

Roof coatings are a fairly new addition to the roofing industry. Regardless of the type of commercial roof you have, roof coating systems provide a proven solution for renewing your weathered roof. You can apply roof coatings to any existing commercial building to make a seamless membrane which protects the roof from ponding and severe weather.

roofer applying roof coating

Benefits of Roof Coating

Increases Longevity

This is perhaps the most important benefit of a roof coating system; it increases the longevity of your roof by several years. It also helps to protect the surface of your roof from weather damage and severe UV rays.

Cost Effective

A roof coating will be applied directly on top of your existing roof thereby speeding up the time needed to install and also reducing your cost. You should consider roof coatings especially if your commercial building is suffering from roofing problems but you don’t have the budget to do a replacement. The roof coat will protect the failing roof system from experiencing further damage. Exposure to the elements such as water and sunlight will add extra strain to an already failing roofing system. Adding a roof coating protects your investment and gives you breathing space before you can afford a new roof. After installing a new roof, ensure you add the roof coating immediately.

Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling costs for a commercial building is usually very high. Roof coating can help lower your energy bills. This is because the coatings are highly reflective which results in a cooler environment inside your building meaning your conditioner is working less than it would normally be required to. This, in turn, lowers your energy utility costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Restoring your already existing roof and re-using current materials will reduce environmental waste. Many coating options are ultra-low or zero Volatile organic compounds(VOCs) thereby reducing the pollution on the environment.


Roof coating systems are renewable and may be re-coated once every 10 years or so. This lengthens the roof’s life, renews its reflectivity and improves the waterproofing capabilities.

Pick an Experienced Contractor

As we have seen, roof coatings are a great product that can be used in nearly all situations. There is, however, one drawback in installing a roof coating system, finding the right company to do the job. Heavy cleaning and clearing are required as preparation for the job. If proper preparation is not done, the roof coating is likely to fail. You need to be careful when choosing the right company for your roof coating project. Make sure you select a roofing contractor with expertise and experience to ensure a professional and quality job is done on your commercial roof.


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Signs You May Have a Roof Leak

severe roof leak from the ceilingYour roof is meant to protect your home from the elements, water being one of them. If you put off proper maintenance of your roof, you’re in for some troubling times. Expect your roof to develop a leak at least once or twice throughout its lifetime. If the problem is identified early and action is taken immediately, you won’t have a catastrophe on your hands. Below are telling signs that your roof may be leaking.

Water Stains

An interior water stain which often looks like an extensive puddling ringed in brown will occur when water seeps to your interior walls and ceiling. However, not all water stains will look this way which makes them difficult to spot. Some stains will be difficult to notice if they form in a darkly lit area while others are small stains that indicate a much bigger leak problem. Discoloration should point you to look closely for mold, moisture or other signs of a leak.


If you notice a drip from your ceiling or moisture on the walls, you may have a leak somewhere in your roof. Even if the dripping somehow stops, you still need to have your roof checked for a potentially bigger problem. It may be that ice dams have formed on your roof. Ice dams make water move underneath the shingles. This water then refreezes causing random leaks.

damaged shinglesMissing or Damaged Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles and debris in your downspouts indicate damage to your roofing material. A patchy roof is prone to leaking over time. Even if you don’t seek a leak in your home’s interior, there could still be a slow leak in your attic. If you see any missing or damaged shingles, call a roofing contractor to do a thorough inspection so that you may know the exact state of your roof.

Exterior Water Spots

Regularly walk around your house while checking the exterior walls for any water spots or stains. Water spots indicate a problematic issue where your walls meet the roof. Failing flashing could also cause a leak.

Algae and Mold Growth

Mold usually grow in warm, humid climates. Moisture is an important condition for mold to thrive. While they may not impact the lifespan of your roof (if they occur on the surface), mold usually indicate that there could be a potential leak on your roof.

Problems with Gutters and Downspouts

If your gutters, downspouts and splash pans are decaying or are damaged, it may indicate you will soon have a leak. Broken pieces of paint and scraps of roofing may be visible.


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Tips to Choosing the Best Roofing Contractor

Best Roofing Contractors

A roofing contractor is an important person in your roof’s life. It is vital to select an experienced contractor who can take good care of your roof so that it outlives its lifespan. Knowing the right roofer for the job is a challenging and confusing affair. Below are simple tips that help you select a roofer that will fit your needs as the homeowner.

Insurance and Licensing

It is paramount that you verify that the contractor you select has all the necessary licensing up to date and they are fully insured. The Frisco roofing company should have the insurance for all their employees and subcontractors. They should provide this insurance certificate on request. They should have both the workman’s compensation and general liability insurance.

Go Local

Ensure you choose a local company. There is a reduced chance of potential issues or scams when you choose a contractor from around your area. Local not only means that they should be operating locally at the moment, but that they have established a reputation in the community.

Get it in Writing

Don’t accept verbal agreements and vague estimations. A good roofer will have a contract or a proposal in writing ready for you to review. They will have all aspects of the project on paper; from the length of the job from start to finish, the procedure, the materials needed as well as what it will cost you.

Manufacturer Certification

Manufacturer certifications are considered a badge of honor since the contractor will usually have to pass minimum, rigorous requirements to be certified. This may even be important to you in terms of making claims on your warranty as some manufacturers tend to decline claims for roofs that have not been installed by a roofer they have certified.

spending money on roofing companyDon’t Depend on Price Too Much

You should never choose a company based on the price. Customers who are thinking only of the price may end up spending more to fix problems that would have been covered under a workmanship guarantee by a reputable, established roofing company.

Improve Your Communication

When working with a roofer, it important for them to stay in contact with you to update on the progress of the job and to answer any questions you might have. If the roofer is not returning your calls and they are always late, it is an indication of how the job might go. A good and reliable contractor should always keep you informed.

Experience and References

A high-quality roofer’s work will speak for itself. They will have references as well as years of experience. They will be able to put you in contact with past clients who can demonstrate the quality of the work they have done.


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All You Need to Know about Wood Shakes on Your Roof

collection of houses with wood shake roofsWood shakes and shingles are rare sites these days, a sort of premium product. It will generally cost a homeowner far much more to purchase and install wood shakes than it would common types of roofing materials such as asphalt shingles. Nevertheless, when shopping around for a new roof, your roofer may suggest wood shakes and for good reasons

Advantages of Wood Shakes

  • Wood has a traditional, natural, even classic aesthetic appeal. It also blends effortlessly with the natural surrounding and enhances the structure’s landscaping.
  • Wood shakes provide superior performance in areas that experience high winds or damage from hail.
  • As they are a renewable resource, wood shakes are also an environmentally conscious choice

Disadvantages of Wood Shakes

Wood shakes inevitable bring their own problems to the fold.

  • Wood is way more expensive than asphalt shingles (can cost twice as much)
  • Wood is not as durable a roofing material as asphalt shingles
  • Wood is susceptible to rotting, termite damage, and scum
  • Requires regular, committed maintenance

Selecting the Right Wood

If you decide to go with wood shakes for your roof, be sure to select wood with high durability. Cedar and redwood are excellent candidates for weather-resistant wood. The high level of natural oils in these woods preserve them.  Other types of wood should be factory treated with a preservative. These factory treatments force the preservative deep into the wood with high pressure. Factory treated wood normally under warranty.

How to Maintain Your Wood Shakes

Proper and regular maintenance of your wood shakes roof will help increase its lifespan and protect it from rot and weathering effects. Wood shakes and wood shingles will require closer attention than other types of roofing materials.

Below are several maintenance tips to make for a durable wood shakes roof.


The first thing you should do is to remove all litter, pine needles, and debris that accumulate over time between the shakes or in the valley of the actual roof structure. It is advisable to do this before the start of the wet season. When debris collects over your wood shakes, they tend to prevent the shedding of water and more damaging, debris retains moisture that allows wood-destroying fungi to grow. Manufacturers will recommend power-washing your roof at least once a year to open pores on the wood before applying a perseverative.

Apply Chemical Solutions

You can apply chemical solutions to the shakes. This slows down the growth of moss, molds, and fungi. Chemical solutions are usually applied by your roofing contractor when they install the new roof. You could also apply it yourself

Trim Overhanging Branches

Make sure to trim low hanging branches around your roof. This provides adequate circulation and exposure to sunlight that dries up any moisture on the roof.

Ultraviolet Absorbers and Pigments

Pigments and ultraviolet absorbers can reduce the damage caused by sunlight

Applying Replenishing Oil

You can restore the wood’s natural oils while at the same time maintaining its structural integrity by applying replenishing oil. Remember that certain types of oils may act as food for fungi, mildew, and mold so it is advisable that you apply fungicide together with the replenishing oil. You should not use any petroleum-based oil because such oils may make the wood more flammable.

Regular Roof Inspections

You may want to call a technician at least once or twice a year to inspect the condition of your wood shakes. Problems can then be detected early on and proper repairs may be effected as soon as possible. This will ensure your roof remains in the best shape for the longest time possible.

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All You Should Know About Roofer Certifications

HomeAdvisor SealHiring a roofing contractor is quite a challenging job. It is natural to feel uneasy at this point because your roof signifies quite a considerable investment. You definitely want to make the correct choice and entrust this important part of your home to a reliable and experienced roofing contractor. Certain certifications and memberships from trusted bodies can help set your mind at rest.

Roofing materials manufacturers usually certify residential roofing contractors. The certifications typically involve some financial implications on the manufacturer’s end and are therefore not awarded lightly. Knowing what certifications and memberships a roofing contractor has can help you assess their work and reputation. This will help you avoid serious and costly consequences of hiring an ill-qualified contractor who may very well end up leaving your roof in a worse condition, shorten its lifespan and cause structural or interior damage.

Why Certifications Matter

Your Roof Will Last Longer

The skill and expertise of a roofing contractor will directly influence both the lifespan and performance of your roof. Roofing materials manufacturers know that the expertise of the contractor installing or repairing a roof will determine how well their products perform. They, therefore, certify contractors who meet the strictest level of high-quality workmanship and customer service.


Manufacturers’ warranties stipulate that roof installation and repairs be done by a contractor they have certified. They (the manufacturers) are aware that a single inept repair may lead to serious damage to the roofing system. It is therefore important for installation and repair work to be done by certified contractors as the material manufacturers may otherwise refuse to honor warranty claims.

Correct Training and Expertise

Manufacturers’ certifications also prove that a contractor has experience installing or repairing the particular material of your roof. The certification will prove that your contractor has the correct training and expertise for the material you have together with the comprehensive know-how of working with it to make effective repairs.

Certifications also prove that a contractor has stayed up-to-date with the manufacturer’s products and installation and repair techniques.

Beyond the Certification

Certifications are not everything! Unfortunately, some roofing contractors may be content living on the fumes of recognition they got long ago. Beyond a contractor having a manufacturer’s certification, you should also audit their recent work. Are they up-to-date with the manufacturers? Do they value customer service? What are the reviews from their customers? These are some of the other ways you could use to compare roofing contractors.

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3 Easy Steps for the Perfect Roof Maintenance Plan

House Roof - Roofing Works. Cloudy Blue Sky. American Building Style.Having an all-round roof maintenance plan is a simple and cost-effective way of preventing unnecessary headaches, stress, and unplanned residential roof repairs. Below are three easy steps you can take to put an effective roof maintenance plan to action:

Know Your Roof

The first step is to get acquainted with the shape of your room. Don’t wait until your roof is in serious damage before you decide to take action. You should be proactive to identify and anticipate problems before they occur. This will save you a lot of money in form of unplanned costly maintenance fees and even extend the lifespan of your roof.

Visual Inspections

You should regularly go around your house perimeter making visual scans of your roof, you may use binoculars if necessary. Look out for issues such as patches and cracks, lose or missing edges, curled or broken asphalt and wood shingles, leaky or saggy gutters, dark patches, damaged or misaligned tiles, or deteriorated flashing. You may also consider hiring an experienced roofer to periodically inspect your roof to identify signs of problems you may have missed.

Clean Your Roof

This sounds like simple advice but many people ignore this critical task of roof maintenance. Make sure that debris such as leaves, branches, twigs, pine needles is not allowed to accumulate on top of your roof. Stagnant debris on your roof provides a damp and conducive environment for moss and lichen to thrive, these damage your roof in the long-run.

When winter comes around, it is crucial for you to get rid of heavy snow load on your roof and clean up the gutters. Heavy snow on your roof may cause structural damage or even collapse and clogged gutters lead to roof rot.

Have Ample Ventilation and Insulation in Your Attic

A poorly ventilated or insulated attic may cause decking damage and premature aging of the roofing material. Having ample attic ventilation and insulation has a three-fold benefit:

  • You will generally have less trouble taking care of your roof and you will be protected against costly damage.
  • It prevents ice dams from forming. Ice dams occur when ice melts and refreezes at your roof’s edge, causing freezing of underneath shingles.
  • Reduces your cooling costs in summer and keeps you comfortable during winter.

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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Picking an ideal roofing contractor can be a confusing and stressful ordeal. Hiring the right roofer can save you a lot of money and ensure you stay stress-free. Consequently, you want a roofer that is experienced and reliable. Below are 10 questions you should ask before hiring a roofing contractor:

paper conract licenseAre you licensed?

Most of the states will require that a roofing contractor is licensed. Codes and requirements will, however, differ depending on your state. You should, therefore, understand the code requirements for your area. Only work with contractors who are licensed in your area’s codes. Ensure that the license they hold is valid and up to date.

Do you have workman’s comp and general liability insurance?

Roofing companies are required by law to offer workman’s compensation insurance to all their employees. Nevertheless, some companies would want to circumvent this requirement, so it helps that you make sure your contractor is covered. Also, verify that they have general liability insurance which covers damage to your property as a result of their work.

Are you local?

Make sure the contractor has an office near your locality. Local roofing companies know more about your area and the particular environmental conditions and thus are better suited at installing and repairing your roof.

Do you have good references?

It is always a good idea to know what others customers said about them. You could even ask for a gallery of past customers to sample their previous work. You should search online for reviews on sites such as Google and Facebook.

Are your warranties any good?

You should receive at least a 25-year warranty on any type of shingling product. Anything less is a rip-off.

Do you work with subcontractors?

Some contractors usually hire subcontractors for the roofing work. You want to know who will be working on your roof and who you are paying. Ensure that the subcontractors have workman’s comp and general liability insurance.

Will you clean up after you are done?

You will want to make sure that your contractor will pick up garbage and excess debris like dropped nails and shingles left by the roofing crew. You don’t want your kids running into rusty nails scattered all round your yard.

Two workers on roof at works with metal tile and roofing ironWill you remove my old roof?

It is always a bad idea to shingle over an old roof just because everything looks okay. In most cases, the old shingles hide soft and rotten spots which might be costly to repair afterward. It is advisable that the old roof should be removed before putting on a new one. This ensures all problems have been identified and addressed.

Will someone be on site for me to talk to?

Insist that you deal with an on-site project manager that you can direct all your queries and concerns to.

Will you give me a written statement?

Before you get into business, always ensure the contractor provides a written statement. It will come in handy down the road. Get a concise, written statement detailing the cost or removing your old roof, installing the new roof and any other cost during the work.

And it’s a wrap. Finding a roofing contractor is definitely not the easiest of tasks. These questions are great guidelines and if the contractor can satisfactorily answer them, and you have a good feeling about them, you should consider hiring them.

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4 Reasons Why Proper Ventilation is Important for Your Home Roof

Proper roof or attic ventilation is vital to your home. Many homeowners know this, but some don’t fully understand why, no worries, we are here to help with that.

For roofing material manufacturers to honor their warranties, proper ventilation is required. Ventilation is also a requirement for building codes.  A specified number of vents is necessary per square footage to ensure the correct amount of air gets in and out of the attic. It is a good idea to confirm that you have the required amount of vents for your home before you replace your roof.

New home with heavy roof timber trussVentilation Extends Your Roof’s Lifespan

Roofs that have been properly ventilated last longer. In cold conditions, proper roof ventilation is important in preventing undesirable events such as ice dams. Ice dams occur when ice melts and refreezes at your roof’s edge, causing freezing of underneath shingles. The ventilation assists to free up any heat that may otherwise build up beneath the roof resulting in the premature thawing of snow. In hot conditions, a properly ventilated roof allows hot air to escape resulting in a cooler roof and attic.  This prevents temperatures in your roof and attic from soaring to unbearable degrees, a condition that can damage your shingles both inside and out.

Reduces Energy Costs

As explained above, proper ventilation enables high-temperature air building up in your attic to be released. This in turns cools your home’s interior and reduces the workload of your air conditioning unit. If the air conditioner is working less, it means lower power bills for you.

Releasing Moisture

Proper roof ventilation will protect your roof by releasing any moisture that would have otherwise have collected on the roof deck. Moisture that is not expelled from underneath your roof deck will result in all manner of problems. Metal materials will in time be affected by moisture accumulation- rusted nails may weaken or break.  Additionally, moisture buildup causes mold and fungi to grow and the roof deck itself may suffer from dry rot.

Oxygen Flow

The right ventilation system also allows free circulation of oxygen and prevents the buildup of carbon monoxide, which is harmful.

So there you have it, now you know the benefits of having a well-ventilated roof and the drawbacks of roofs with poor ventilation. A properly done ventilation job will result in a comfortable and safe home environment for you and your family.

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