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Why There is Mold on Your Roof

If you live in areas exposed to periodically damp cool weather conditions, chances are that you have seen various molds, algae, fungus and lichen growing on your roof.  That fuzzy brown or green fungal growth, or worse, a slick film on the edge of the roof tiles is an almost sure indication that mold has invaded your roof and it requires immediate attention.

old roof with mold and lichen growth

Shaded areas increase the chance of mold growth. Exposure to direct sunlight has an influence on mold growth, the more your roof is exposed to the sun, the less likely that moss and lichens will thrive. Combining shade and cool moist conditions, give the ideal condition for moss or lichen growth on a roof surface.

All About Mold

The mold in your roof is actually an algae-like bacteria with a scientific name of gloeocapsa magma. Gloeocapsa magma feeds on limestone and moisture present in your asphalt shingles. Modern asphalt shingles contain limestone as a filler material.

Mold spores travel in the air but require just the right conditions to thrive. Roofs exposed to little or no direct sunlight, collect debris and have no proper drainage will provide these ideal conditions for mold development. Other conditions that create a nice, moist environment for mold spores to grow include an undiscovered roof leak, water draining into the foundation and debris gathering in a roof corner.

If mold is permitted to persist on the roof surface, it will create ugly stains or black streaks. Mold on the roof surface is usually not a catastrophic problem but it does reduce your home’s curb appeal and makes it look older.

Harmful Effects of Mold Growth on Your Roof

  • Mold and fungus growth are a health risk to those living inside the house
  • It weakens the structural integrity of the entire home
  • Mold damages and speeds up the wear of your shingles and thus drastically reduce the lifespan of your roof which in turn means you spend more on your roof than you should.

How to Prevent Mold Growth on Your Roof

  • Ensure that you have the proper ventilation necessary for your home, complete with ridge vents.
  • Clean your roof. Ensure that you keep debris off your roof to reduce the chances of mold growth.
  • If you live in humid environments, you might consider replacing your roof made of asphalt shingles or wood shingles/shakes with a roofing material that is better suited to resist moisture such as a metal roof or the new algae-resistant asphalt shingles
  • You can install zinc or copper strips near the ridge of your home. Rainwater will collect ions from the metals strips which helps to keep mold from growing


Ultimately, taking care of your roof and maintaining it will go a long way in preventing mold development. It will, in the long run, prolong the life of your roof. You should also perform regular inspections to know if mold has gotten a foothold on your roof. You may consider having a professional take a look at the roof annually.


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How to Recover from Hail Damage to Your Roof

hail fallen on the ground

A big hail storm can be a dangerously destructive phenomenon to your property. If the hail damages your roof, you will have all sorts of problems to deal with thereafter. A hail damaged roof may lead to leaks that eventually damage interior walls, ceilings and the floors of your house. The best course after roof damage caused by hailstorm is to identify the damage and mitigate it to avoid additional problems.

The good news is that insurance companies cover hail damage to your roof. That said, you will still be required to properly document the incident to your insurance company if you expect to get your claim approved. Below are guidelines on the steps you should take after hail has damaged your roof.

Check for Signs of Hail Damage

Hail damage varies in severity, depending on the wind speed, the hailstone size, and the roofing material. After a serious hailstorm, it is vital that you do a thorough inspection. Check the shingles minutely for any dents on the downspouts, and roof vents. Hail damage to a shingle results in a dark spot wherever the granules are exposed due to the impact.

You are not always able to see the extent of hail damage on your roof from the ground. Even a tiny hole in your roof system can cause significant moisture damage.

It is always a good idea to have an experienced roofing contractor do the inspection for you. Such a roofer will be able to guide you on whether to file for an insurance claim or not.

Protect Your Property

To prevent further damage to your property, you need to take some corrective actions.

Emergency Roof Repair

If some sections of your roof are missing, you will have to contact your roofer so they can immediately install tarps or do the necessary repairs.

Window Damage

Broken windows must be replaced promptly to secure your home from the elements and reduce the loss of air conditioning or heating.

Always Take Photos

Always remember to take photos before you begin roof repairs. This documentation is usually required for insurance purposes. In fact, contact your insurance company at the same time you are hiring a roofing contractor to do immediate repairs. Some professional roofing contractors will automatically take photos themselves before beginning the repair work.

Beware of Storm Chasers

Always hire an experienced local roofing professional with the proper license and certification. Storm chasers are scammers who follow storms around the country to gain from the damage caused by them. They take advantage of desperate and unsuspecting homeowners and charge them for shoddy roof repair or replacement. These con artists usually disappear after the work is done and they have been paid.

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3 Tips to Forming the Best Collaboration with Your Roofing Contractor

a model of a home in a contractor's handsThe roof is an important part of any home. It is the first line of defense for your family against the natural elements. Consequently, it is one part of your house that requires careful care to ensure it reaches its full lifespan. One of the best ways to take care of your roof is to have a dependable, skilled and diligent commercial roofer. Getting the right roofer for your home and forming a mutually beneficial partnership can be a quite challenging and confusing affair.

Below are 3 tips to assist you to cultivate a beneficial relationship with your roofing contractor.

Be Selective

As you search for an ideal commercial roofer, ensure you get one that is excellent at their art and prioritizes their customers. One of the safest ways to do this is to act on recommendations. Online reviews may also help you with this quest. The Better Business Bureau(BBB) allows you to check roofers rating and track record, directing you to choose the best. You can also rate a roofer’s stability, workmanship, and reliability through Manufacture’s certifications

Communication is Key

Communication is key to a lot of things, and roofing is no different. Is your roofing contractor upfront? Are they easy to talk about important consideration such as your specific needs and your budget? If you require shingles, you should take advantage of the contractor’s expertise. They should guide you through the architectural style that will match both you home and budget. Make sure to inquire on any extended warranties on offer.

Keep in Touch

Another important element to communication is keeping in touch. Your roofer should frequently contact you once the work has begun. They should work with you to provide updates that ensure a stress free project from start to finish.

Plan for Roof Maintenance

Don’t stop paying attention to your roof just because you had a new one installed or you repaired a damaged one. Maintenance is key to ensuring that most damages and leakages that occur over time are prevented. Majority of roofing contractors will recommend an annual roof inspection aimed at identifying and addressing any emerging issue that might cause bigger problems and unnecessary headaches in the future.

In the off chance of a roofing emergency such as a storm damage, you will rest easy knowing that the collaborative relationship you formed with your roofer will ensure you get help quickly.

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How to Take Care of Your Roof So That It Outlives Its Lifespan

Your roof in an important part of your home. Think of it as your first line of protection against the elements. It also amounts to a costly investment. In consequence, your roof requires particular care to ensure it stays in top condition so that it does not disappoint you when you need it the most. Below are helpful tips for you to take care of your roof all year round.

Damaged RoofRegularly Check for Indications of Roof Problems

The first tip we offer will cost you $0. All you need to do is just look at your roof. You can be able to know a lot about your roof by simply performing a visual inspection every once a month. This helps you in identifying the problems early, thus all you need to do are small fixes instead of large renovations.

To do this, go up to the attic and inspect the roof’s underside to detect any indication of water drips, stains or algae growth. Next, go outside and walk round the perimeter of your house, checking for problems on the roof itself.

Roof Problems to Watch Out for

Look for

  • Obvious patches or cracks
  • Bare spots
  • Accumulated shingle granules (they look like sand)
  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Loose or missing edge
  • Valley and chimney flashing
  • Detached gutters and downspouts

All these signs may need immediate attention.

Regular Roof Inspections Frisco TXSchedule an Annual Inspection by an Experienced Professional

It is always a good idea to have a pair of experienced eye climb the ladder and do a thorough and professional inspection of your roof. This can be done every once a year. You should focus on a roofer that is insured, licensed and trusted for quality service. A local dependable roofer may offer free inspection to homeowners from around the area. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to spot emerging problems if any. They can also estimate the lifespan of your roof and advice you how to take care of it. Ensure you cultivate a good collaborative relationship with such a trusted roofer to ensure they come out quickly when you are in urgent need of assistance.

Keep an Active Maintenance Routine

One of the best ways to take care of your roof is to keep an active maintenance schedule and follow through with it. This may be done once every six months. The main goal of roof maintenance is preventing damage by making sure that moisture can effortlessly travel away from the roof.

You should sweep the roof’s surface of any debris and power wash spots showing signs of moss growth.

Trim Back Overhanging Trees

You might consider hiring a professional to trim back tall adjacent trees that are overhanging your roof. Ensure that overhanging branches are at least 10 feet away from your home. This will guarantee:

  • There is less risk of storm damage by falling limbs
  • Your shingles stay free of being gnawed by rodents
  • There is less buildup of leaves, pine needles and other debris

Keep Your Gutters in Good Repair

Make an effort to regularly clean your gutters and confirm that they are firmly and securely attached. Keep them (the gutters) in good repair to safeguard you home. Gutters that are clogged with debris or in poor condition eventually result in roof decking decay and even moisture damage to the attic and exterior wall. This is due to the water let back up under the shingles from ice dams that form along the roof edge.

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new roof installation Frisco TX

4 Reasons Why Proper Ventilation is Important for Your Home Roof

Proper roof or attic ventilation is vital to your home. Many homeowners know this, but some don’t fully understand why, no worries, we are here to help with that.

For roofing material manufacturers to honor their warranties, proper ventilation is required. Ventilation is also a requirement for building codes.  A specified number of vents is necessary per square footage to ensure the correct amount of air gets in and out of the attic. It is a good idea to confirm that you have the required amount of vents for your home before you replace your roof.

New home with heavy roof timber trussVentilation Extends Your Roof’s Lifespan

Roofs that have been properly ventilated last longer. In cold conditions, proper roof ventilation is important in preventing undesirable events such as ice dams. Ice dams occur when ice melts and refreezes at your roof’s edge, causing freezing of underneath shingles. The ventilation assists to free up any heat that may otherwise build up beneath the roof resulting in the premature thawing of snow. In hot conditions, a properly ventilated roof allows hot air to escape resulting in a cooler roof and attic.  This prevents temperatures in your roof and attic from soaring to unbearable degrees, a condition that can damage your shingles both inside and out.

Reduces Energy Costs

As explained above, proper ventilation enables high-temperature air building up in your attic to be released. This in turns cools your home’s interior and reduces the workload of your air conditioning unit. If the air conditioner is working less, it means lower power bills for you.

Releasing Moisture

Proper roof ventilation will protect your roof by releasing any moisture that would have otherwise have collected on the roof deck. Moisture that is not expelled from underneath your roof deck will result in all manner of problems. Metal materials will in time be affected by moisture accumulation- rusted nails may weaken or break.  Additionally, moisture buildup causes mold and fungi to grow and the roof deck itself may suffer from dry rot.

Oxygen Flow

The right ventilation system also allows free circulation of oxygen and prevents the buildup of carbon monoxide, which is harmful.

So there you have it, now you know the benefits of having a well-ventilated roof and the drawbacks of roofs with poor ventilation. A properly done ventilation job will result in a comfortable and safe home environment for you and your family.

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3 Facts About Green Roofs That You Didn’t Know

Green Roofing

Many urban developments are turning to green roofing. Green roofing is a unique feature that has several significant benefits to the building, environment and for green living. Adding a lovely aesthetic to neighborhoods and urban construction areas aa well as helping to feed the masses if gardening is incorporated into the green roof.

Green roofs are comprised of plants and soil and will help to reduce sound. The soil will reduce the lower frequency sounds while the plants themselves will help to reduce higher frequency sounds. This is an ideal way to soundproof a building. They can be used in homes or offices and offer a lovely effect on the environment that far surpasses the old fashioned look of metal.

Another great benefit of a green roof is that they are an ideal way to feed the community. More and more densely populated areas are finding that by utilizing green roofs, they can feed the communities. Gardening takes on a new appeal when green roofs are planted with edible plants.

Feeding Communities

grass roof country house

Poverty stricken areas can significantly benefit from that will help to feed and nourish their families. Instead of not being able to afford fresh fruits and vegetables, urbanized areas can grow them and supply a more substantial portion of the population.

Combine this gardening effect with several buildings, and there is plenty of food for the entire town. By working these rooftops as community gardens, people can drastically reduce their food bills and afford to feed their families. It only takes a few plants to make a difference.

Green roofs are also a great way to extend the life of the roofing. Old fashioned methods of roofing will eventually deteriorate and need to be replaced. Green roofing, on the other hand, doesn’t require such measures. Just plant it and maintain it. Yes, there will be the need for some maintenance such as weeding and trimming, but this support will give the roof a lovely appeal. If gardening is being done, it will be a much-needed resource for communities that wouldn’t otherwise have any resources for gardens as there wouldn’t be any space for them.

There are many other great benefits as well. Rainwater will nourish the rooftop instead of damaging the roof. Chemicals and heavy metals will be filtered out of the stormwater and thus cause less environmental damage. There will be more oxygen in the air as plants can help to produce oxygen. This will reduce the pollutants in larger urban areas where air pollution is a huge issue that is continuously being monitored.

Green roofing is also an ideal insulator for heat and cooling. Statistics show that those buildings that have green rooftops are saving up to ten percent in their heating and cooling costs over those that don’t have such a roofing material. All in all, green roofing materials are the wave of the future, and with so many benefits, they are far more economical and beneficial to both people, and the environment.

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3 Of The Top Benefits Of Installing A Solar Roof On Your Home

solar panels installed on residential roofAlternative energy is in the news every single day with innovations, dropping prices, and increasing efficiencies. In the past, solar and wind energy generation was more expensive than grid electricity plus the systems were complicated to install and maintain. Now, however, in many parts of the country, installing a solar system makes economic sense and helps the environment at the same time. Plus, if you don’t like the looks of having large solar panels on your roof, you can get solar shingles which combine all the advantages of having solar power with the beauty of having traditional roof shingles. Here are some of the top benefits of installing your solar roof today.

The Solar Roof Is A Compliment To The Architecture Of Your Home

One of the first concerns that many people have about installing a solar roof on their home is how it’s going to look. Not all of the shingles on every home can be utilized to make energy, so how is it going to look to have some solar tiles and some not? Well, there are two types of glass tiles made and look exactly identical just for that purpose. One generates electricity while the other is a non-solar tile that will look the same from the street level. This feature alleviates that particular worry.

Another concern is the availability of colors. It’s well known that to generate solar power the shingles are going to have to be translucent to accept the rays of the sun, so how are you going to get solar tile shingles that will match the decor of your home like in the past? One of the significant benefits of the solar roof tiles is that, not only do they come in a variety of colors, they also come in different styles as well.

The styles now offered, and there are more coming, are slate, textured, Tuscan, and smooth to match Spanish style homes, rustic looking homes, and many other decors. The colors now available are also varied with all of the normal roof colors already being manufactured and more being added soon.

What About The Warranty? How Long Before It Needs Replacing?

This is an important consideration since you’re going to be investing in, not only a new roof but also a complete solar power system. You’ll want your new roof to last at least as long as a new, high-quality roof, and then some. The new Tesla solar roofs are a good example of longevity. They come with what Tesla calls the “Infinite Tile Warranty” meaning that, for as long as your home exists, they are covered. So, for the entire lifetime of your house, which is infinity in most cases, your warranty is intact. The tiles are made of high-strength tempered glass, can withstand high winds, and are impervious to mildew, lichens, moss, sun, and rain.

Of course, like any new product, more information is becoming available every day about the new solar roofs. The prices are falling, more options becoming available, and these roofs are starting to be installed all across the country. If you have questions, you can get a consultation online as to the prices and availability in your area. They are the wave of the future at this point.

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Roofing contractor repairing shingled roof

What Are The 4 Most Popular Roof Styles In Texas?

Two workers on roof at works with metal tile and roofing iron

There are two things that Texas homeowners must consider when they are deciding on a roof for their houses. The first factor to consider is the quality of the materials that will be used on the roof and also the style of roof they are planning to install on the structure. With a climate that is known for having scorching summers, and temperatures easily 100 degrees F, the style of the roof chosen must be taken seriously.

So, what is the preferred roofing style for companies in Texas? The roofing standards increase each year along with the heat, and the choices have expanded. The following will provide more information about the four different roofing styles that are typically used in Texas.

Metal Roofs

In the state of Texas, one of the most popular roofs are metal roofs. These are popular among homeowners for various reasons. Metal roofs are available in a variety of configurations and shapes. In fact, metal roofs can be designed, constructed and installed to imitate roofs that are made from shingles.

Metal roofs are also considered aesthetically pleasing and are energy efficient. With a range of color options, homeowners can find the perfect metal roof to complement the exterior and increase the value of the home.

Metal is more durable than wood shakes and shingles, and with proper maintenance, this type of roof can easily last for several decades. It is also Eco-friendly, and the metal can be repurposed later.

Shingle Roofs

The is not only the most popular choice for roof styles in Texas but also around the country. It is an inexpensive option. It is a material and roofing style that has a relatively long lifespan. Shingle roofing can be installed quickly, and the entire project can be completed in a predictable amount of time. As with metal roofs, shingle roofs can be chosen in a range of colors and textures.

Roof peak with brown roof tilesTile Roofs

Also available in different shapes and sizes, this type of roof is popular with both homeowners and commercial business owners in Texas. Frequently seen in Spanish-style homes, tile roofs that are made of clay materials are very durable, and can last a century or more with proper care and regular maintenance.

Dimensional (Textured) Roofs

These are composite shingles that are also a common choice for homeowners. Also referred to as laminated or dimensional, this type of roof is very similar to 3-tab roofs, the only difference is that there are extra pieces that are laminated to the shingles. This excess material makes the shingles look thicker and provides them with additional texture.

The extra thickness and variations in the shingles will help to keep any defects hidden. The most expensive textured roofs are known as 50-year shingles. They are called this because they have a covered warranty for 50 years.

There are also 30-year shingles, and they are not as thick, but they are still thicker the standard 3-Tab.

These are the four most common roofing styles in Texas. Consider your needs, preferences, and budget to choose the roofing style that best suits your needs.

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Applying Proper Maintenance to Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Roof Repairing Frisco TX

The care and maintenance applied to the shingle roofs on your roof will ultimately decide how long your roof lasts and how much value you get from your acquisition. The biggest problem is that the roof is a problem that is often out of sight and therefore out of mind, until a problem happens then it’s the only issue in the world.

Regular care and cleaning will keep small issues from growing into more significant problems that can require costly repair work and even the replacement of the entire roof.

  • Clean Debris

As time passes, any roof will begin to collect debris, dirt, and grime from all sorts of places. Leaves can build up in piles, and other objects can make their way to the ceiling carried by the wind and even thrown up there by kids at play. This debris can begin to collect in the most inopportune places like HVAC vents, pipes, and cornering in your roof features. If this is not cleaned regularly, moisture and other contaminants can begin undermining the waterproof qualities of the roof and damaging the shingles. Roof cleaning should be conducted once a year or as often as needed.

  • Inspect for Moss and Algae

If moisture is allowed to collect for any prolonged period the results can be an especially destructive plant growth. Moss and algae should be removed as soon as the buildup occurs. Special zinc strips can also be applied if you feel the moisture will be a recurring issue.

  • Check Roof Flashings

Be sure to check the flashings on your roof. These strips of metal are placed along the joints of the home’s roof where water is most likely to seep through. If these strips show signs of damage, they will need repairs or replacing immediately. Look for cracks and other damage algae and moss growing in the area will also be a sign of damaged flashing.

  • Check Shingles

Be sure to examine the roof and check for any shingles that have come loose or look like they need replacing. You will notice certain areas of the roof will begin to deteriorate faster than others, and if you can balance the repair work and deterioration, you will stave off the replacement of a section of roofing materials indefinitely.

  • Check the Gutters

frisco roofingThe only way rain runoff will make its way off the roof before causing damage is iff the drainage system is in working conditions. Every couple of months or weeks (as needed) you will want to grab a ladder and check all gutters and downspouts in your home and roof. Make sure all the drainage pipes are clean and clear and water can run smoothly again.

  • Check for Overgrown Tree Branches

If a tree has grown over your roof with branches that are whipping across your shingles, it is invariably causing a certain amount of damage. You will want to cut these branches back or keep them off the roof in some other way. Try to limit the leaves that are allowed to stay on the roof as well

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5 Common Reasons For A Roof Repair In Texas – Know Your Roof

Damaged RoofHow many homeowners pay attention to the state of the roof? As long as it keeps the elements out, why do you need to worry about it? The truth is, the roof of your house get vulnerable as time goes by. And sometimes, there’s another reason why it is not keeping the rain out as it should. Here are five common reasons for getting your roof repaired in Texas.

1. Moisture Buildup And Leaks

The big problem with moisture buildup and leaks, which can be caused by several different things, is that they are not easy to spot. And when you do locate them, they have probably done some damage already.

Some examples of what could be causing the problem involve:

  • – Wet leaves and debris accumulating in certain parts of the roof
  • – Natural elements like rain and hail
  • – Heating and cooling units that fail to drain properly
  • – Clogged gutters

2. The Roof Wasn’t Properly Installed

Nothing is more frustrating than finding the roof wasn’t installed correctly. Yes, it does happen. The rush to get the job finished will see them using low-quality materials and skimming on important details. This is why you need to be sure about who you hire next time.

3. High Trees

High trees are another common reason for roof repairs in Texas, and people usually miss it until it is too late. The branches of a tree can be very damaging to a roof, especially if you are using shingles. While they don’t look powerful enough, branches can lift shingles, or the elements can make big branches fall on top of the roof.

If you have any high trees in your yard, address them as soon as possible. Get those branches taken down before they can cause severe damage.

4. Roof Ventilation Issues

There is a natural ventilation process that happens at the roof, and this ventilation is critical if the attic is going to stay in top shape. However, the ventilation might get blocked in some way or another, and it can eventually lead to moisture buildup. When this happens, expect damage to the shingles, insulation, and even the sheathing and rafters.

If you are not sure whether there is proper ventilation, call a professional to check it for you.

5. Insects And Animals

Last but not least, insects and bugs are going to love your roof, because the temperature is just the way they like it. And while they get cozy on the roof, they gnaw away at it. Eventually, it will diminish the integrity of the roof altogether.

Birds, chipmunks, and other animals can also cause damage to the roof, so pay attention.

A Final Thought

The last thing you want is somebody to come to your home and do more damage. Instead, call a professional roof repair service in Texas, because you want to get the job done right the first time around.

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