Applying Proper Maintenance to Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Nov 27, 2017

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The care and maintenance applied to the shingle roofs on your roof will ultimately decide how long your roof lasts and how much value you get from your acquisition. The biggest problem is that the roof is a problem that is often out of sight and therefore out of mind, until a problem happens then it’s the only issue in the world.

Regular care and cleaning will keep small issues from growing into more significant problems that can require costly repair work and even the replacement of the entire roof.

  • Clean Debris

As time passes, any roof will begin to collect debris, dirt, and grime from all sorts of places. Leaves can build up in piles, and other objects can make their way to the ceiling carried by the wind and even thrown up there by kids at play. This debris can begin to collect in the most inopportune places like HVAC vents, pipes, and cornering in your roof features. If this is not cleaned regularly, moisture and other contaminants can begin undermining the waterproof qualities of the roof and damaging the shingles. Roof cleaning should be conducted once a year or as often as needed.

  • Inspect for Moss and Algae

If moisture is allowed to collect for any prolonged period the results can be especially destructive to plant growth. Moss and algae should be removed as soon as the buildup occurs. Special zinc strips can also be applied if you feel the moisture will be a recurring issue.

  • Check Roof Flashings

Be sure to check the flashings on your roof. These strips of metal are placed along the joints of the home’s roof where water is most likely to seep through. If these strips show signs of damage, they will need repairs or replaced immediately. Looking for cracks and other damaged algae and moss growing in the area will also be a sign of damaged flashing.

  • Check Shingles

Be sure to examine the roof and check for any shingles that have come loose or look like they need replacing. You will notice certain areas of the roof will begin to deteriorate faster than others, and if you can balance the repair work and deterioration, you will stave off the replacement of a section of roofing materials indefinitely.

  • Check the Gutters

frisco roofingThe only way rain runoff will make its way off the roof before causing damage is iff the drainage system is in working conditions. Every couple of months or weeks (as needed) you will want to grab a ladder and check all gutters and downspouts in your home and roof. Make sure all the drainage pipes are clean and clear and water can run smoothly again.

  • Check for Overgrown Tree Branches

If a tree has grown over your roof with branches that are whipping across your shingles, it is invariably causing a certain amount of damage. You will want to cut these branches back or keep them off the roof in some other way. Try to limit the leaves that are allowed to stay on the roof as well

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