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About Phillips Creek Ranch Near Frisco TX

The Phillips Collection near 75034The Phillips Creek Ranch Neighborhood

If you’re planning on moving to Frisco, you’re going to want to find the right neighborhood to live in. Frisco is home to a number of neighborhoods, and every one of those neighborhoods offers a unique living experience. Phillips Creek Ranch, a planned community located on B.F. Phillips Ranch property, is a neighborhood any home buyer will want to consider.

The Homes in Phillips Creek Ranch

The homes in this community offer a lot of variety. No single home is a carbon copy of another property in the neighborhood. If you do choose to move into this community, you’ll be able to find a home that’s right for your needs.

Experienced designers worked to create the home designs in the neighborhood, and the community has partnerships with some of the leading builders in the area. There are properties at a number of price points, and the homes are designed to meet the needs of different kinds of families.

Phillips Creek Ranch Award-Winning School District

For many parents, the school district that a neighborhood is located in is a top concern. Parents want to be able to send their children to highly-rated public schools. This community, which is located in the heart of Frisco, is in the award-winning Frisco Independent school district.

If you learn more about this school district, you’ll see that class sizes are small and that test scores in the district are high. A district like this can provide a child with the support they need to thrive.

Phillips Creek Ranch Amenities

Phillips Creek Ranch near Frisco, TX

When you move into a community like this, you’ll have more than a house. The neighborhood offers a number of amenities to its residents. For example, it has a large creek system, as well as a number of trails and parks. There is also a bike-sharing program.

Events are regularly held in the community, including concerts and movie nights. This gives residents a chance to get to know each other and bond with their neighbors. In some communities, neighbors never communicate with each other. In Phillips Creek Ranch, neighbors are encouraged to bond with each other.

The Phillips Creek Ranch neighborhood is one of the more beautiful communities in the city of Frisco. Any family that is looking to buy a home in the area should take a closer look at these homes. See if this community is the kind of place that you’ve been searching for.

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