Newman Village near 75034The Newman Village Neighborhood

There are many very high-end neighbourhoods surrounding several of the most prosperous cities in Texas. While it can be hard to discern the differences between two gated communities that are side-by-side in the same city, that does not mean that they are the same.

Located off El Dorado Parkway and Legacy Drive the Frisco Texas neighbourhood of Newman Village has plenty to offer when it comes to the luxury Texan experience.

Things to do in Newman Village

There is a lot that makes Newman Village special right off the bat. Featuring many sculptures and some impressive brickwork on the sidewalks and streets, Newman Village is an Italian-inspired neighbourhood that brings a little bit of the old-school European aesthetic with the modern Texas flare.

An impressive guardhouse sits up the front of this gated community manned by professional and courteous security officers even the initial drive from there to the main town garden is plenty of care given to a large number of planted trees, and brickwork around each house to grant privacy, and many of these mansion style homes also have considerable acreage around them to even within the community you still have space to breathe.

Newman Park near Frisco, TXThe gardens and gazebos are absolutely beautiful, and many visitors are blown away by the quality of the work and architecture here. Many community events are held in this centralized garden.

The community itself is 400 total acres with a decent portion kept to houses and property but enough spent on the gardens for them to really stick out in a brilliant way.

Newman Village Amenities

There is a large clubhouse at the end of the garden is also very popular with current residents. There is currently a very impressive exercise room, tennis courts, as well as a swimming pool. The styles of homes vary based on each individual’s personal preference.

There are examples of classical, neoclassical, Mediterranean, English style, and even blended style homes. This leads to an exciting and beautiful aesthetic of the village.

Every single home here is custom-made. That means not having to worry about whether or not there will be a home that fits your personal tastes since professional custom builders will be helping to build your dream home from scratch. This gated community is literally full of dream homes that are built to what each person wants, creating a beautiful and personal community of individuals of all ages living their truly best life.

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