7 Tips To Avoid A Leaking Roof And Necessary Repairs – Long-Term Saving

Dec 01, 2017

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At one point or another, the roof is going to start leaking, and there is nothing the homeowner can do about it. Or at least, that is how the stigma goes. Just like everything else in life, the roof has a certain amount of time before it gives in to old father time. In truth, you can extend the life of your roof with more than just a few years, and it starts with prevention. If you manage to stay one step ahead of the damage, it will be a very affordable project to keep your roof in great shape for a very long time. Here are seven tips to avoid a leaking roof and necessary repairs, which help you to save loads of money in the long run.

1. Consistent Annual Inspections

It will serve you well to call out a professional on an annual basis. And if there is something be concerned about, they should be able to point it out. In fact, they might even fix the small problem before it escalates into a bigger one.

If it happens that a big storm hits and it gets you doubting the integrity of the roof, go ahead and make that call.

2. Keep An Eye On Danger Areas

There are certain areas of the roof that are prone to allow leaks, for example, areas where the shingles are losing or missing. You also want to keep an eye on areas where ice-dams form, as well as the skylight and chimney.

And if you do suspect that one of these areas are becoming a danger, it’s better to let a professional take a closer look. Going onto the roof is not safe, and professionals are insured.

3. Maintain The Gutters

While they don’t seem to do much, the gutters carry the water away from the roof, which prevents it from leaking through the ceiling. If the gutters aren’t clean and correctly installed, expect heavy rains to become a big problem.

4. Inspect The Attic

In some cases, the culprit is the attic, and infestations can easily be the cause. However, if you spot mold or algae stains, you need to take some quick action.

5. Use A Drip Edge

Just like gutters, a drip edge directs water off the roof and prevents water from building up. It will also help prevent the wood from rotting.

6. Act With Urgency

Even though the problem doesn’t look too big, you don’t want to waste any time getting it fixed. Remember, you might only be seeing a small part of a much more significant leak.

Professional Roof Experts7. Call A Professional

The last tip can’t be overstated because you don’t want to risk injury, or losing your roof to uncontrollable leaks. Instead, spend very little to keep a professional eye on things, and save yourself loads of money down the line.

So, if you believed in the stigma that a roof has to leak at some point, think again.

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