7 Roofing Replacement And Repair Tips For Homeowners

Nov 13, 2017

Roofers at work

All parts of the house will eventually need some work to be done, especially in the form of repairs. This is especially true for roofs, which bear the brunt of mother nature’s fury in the form of continuous bombardment of solar radiation, and exposure to wind and precipitation.

As such, over the lifespan of your house, you will conduct roof repairs and in some cases, roof replacement.

With this in mind, we have enumerated the best tips to have in mind whenever you want to have work done on your roof.

#1. Conduct Roof Inspection – Whenever your roof experiences some damage, it is crucial that you ensure that you know what you are dealing with. In this regard, contact a professional and experienced roof inspector to get you up to speed with the condition of your roof.

#2. Actively Search For Local Roofing Contractors Search for local roofing companies. Seek references from your neighbors, friends, and family, keeping in mind the level of satisfaction that they had with their contractor.

#3. Ascertain The Roofer’s Qualifications And Legitimacy – It is crucial that you work with legally recognized roofing companies. As such, the company should be registered and licensed to render roofing services in your areas. Importantly, the company should provide proof of registration. Equally important is the evidence of the quality of service the company renders. As such, the company needs to provide past references for you to consult.

#4. Ensure The Contractor Is Duly Insured – It is essential to only work with roofers who are fully insured. Their workers should be covered in case of an accident. Importantly, the roofing company should have third party cover, in case they damage your property while working on your project.

#5. Scrutinize The Safety Records Of The Roofers – Even though the company and all it workers may be insured, accident prevention is the best course of action. As such, you should find out the safety record of a prospective roofer. Importantly, you should find out about their safety technology and safety practices. It is important to ensure you feel comfortable with their safety precautions.

#6. Understand Your Roofing Choice – We live in an era of incredible consumer choice in products. The same case applies to roofing materials. There exists a wide array of roofing materials that you can use, all with different properties and characteristics. For instance, there are roofing materials that are engineered for better impact resistance. Other materials are better suited for insulation and energy efficiency purposes.

As you can appreciate, while you have a lot of roof choices, the difficulty of choosing your roofing material becomes equally greater. Therefore, you should endeavour to understand the variety and properties of roofing materials in the market so that you can pick the best choice for your needs.

#7. Avoid Any Case Of Insurance Fraud – With all the pressure that comes with repairing or replacing a roof, many homeowners will be tempted to take some shortcuts in an effort to reduce their responsibility and workload in the project and thereafter focus on other activities.

For instance, some contractors will claim that they can handle your insurance claims for you. However, this might end up costing you a great deal as it is illegal for contractors to negotiate insurance claims on your behalf. Additionally, some contractors will claim that they can perform roof repairs without you paying your deductibles.

This is insurance fraud that may endanger you, legally speaking, as it makes you susceptible and open to litigation.

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