5 Things you should know about your commercial roofing in Frisco, TX

Aug 31, 2018


1) Maintenance is a vital aspect of Commercial Buildings.

Replacing a commercial roof is one of the most expensive investments you don’t want to make. Unless you have a regularly maintained commercial roof. For e.g. Typical commercial roofing in Frisco, TX can cost as much as $65,000. As an active business owner, never take these things lightly. Your roof is your asset and you should be sure to know when it’s time to get a roof inspection and repairs.

2) Never take Ice and Snow Lightly for your Commercial Roofing.

If roofs have a low slope or if they are flat, they are more vulnerable to snow build-up. Although it is seen that the commercial roofs either have flat roofs or they don’t care about the slopes of the roofs. Some are built decades ago with poor technology and put on rent for commercial purposes. Ice Dams are a common problem with pitched roofs. Water stays behind them and then slowly seeps into the roof structure. A commercial roof structure is also vulnerable to thermal shock. Expansion and Contraction due to the temperature inside your thermal space can cause the material to deteriorate and break down very often.

3) Is your Commercial Roofing System under UL Class A Rating?

As explained above, commercial buildings require a roof to have a Fire resistance of UL Class A (Which is most resistant to flame spreading). There are a few other classes such as Class B (Semi Resistant) and Class C (Low Resistance) available. Choosing wisely is the way to long-lasting peace of mind.

4) Have you asked your commercial Roofing Company about its manufacturers?

Only a good roofing contractor knows the value of the material to be used during the construction of a well-made, long-lasting and stress-resistant roof. Asking a roofing contractor about the products, their materials, and warranties is a great idea to start with. No one wants to get their roofs repaired or replaced just sooner than required.

5) You must take good care while choosing your Commercial Roofing Company.

A good roofing company is one that cares about the employees they hire. They do regular inspections, drug tests, and background checks to ensure their customers Get a better service overall. One supervisor or Master roofer is very important to get the job done efficiently and wisely.

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