5 Reasons Why It Is Important To Clean Your Gutters

Nov 21, 2017

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Working on your roof is not the fun way of spending your weekend, but it is an important task that helps preserve the value of your home. Cleaning the gutter is an integral part of the routine roof maintenance practices. To procrastinate cleaning the gutters may indeed be an easy thing, but this will birth any number of problems. If you are not up to the task or just lack the necessary skill or tool for the job, then calling in a professional gutter services provider is a good idea.

Many homeowners do not pay heed to the issues that may arise from having dirty and clogged gutters, problems that may lead to other costly complications with the home in general. The gutters’ primary function is to guide rainwater from the roofs to flow appropriately down to the ground and into the respective drainage lines. Worn-out, damaged, or clogged gutter will not work as they should, and these problems can be located in where along the gutters. As such, making sure that your gutters stay clean and in the best condition is vital due to several reasons that include:

1. Roof Damage
Leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris that clog up the gutters will cause water to flood over leading to issue such as rot and corrosion. Cleaning the gutters will remove these things and also pave the way to see any potential damages to the gutters that may lead to roofing problems.

2. Damage To Fascia
A correctly installed gutter will be placed on fascia board. In the gutters are not cleaning regularly they will have flooding water that overflows onto the fascia boards causing damage to this critical component that supports the gutter system. The clog and stagnated water makes the gutters heavy and the damp and rotting fascia boards will not be able to support such weight. The weight may also damage the brackets used to hook up gutters to the fascia boards.

3. Foundation Damage
Primarily, the gutters are installed to aid with directing rainwater away from the home’s foundation. If water finds its way into the foundation and eve collects into pools, issues such as cracks and rot weaken the foundation’s integrity. Freezing is yet another issue that causes significant foundation damage. Cleaning the gutter will ensure the water flows smoothing into the respective drains away from the foundation.

4. Overwatering Garden Beds
If the clogging goes to a point where water overflows down the sides, it will fall into your garden beds with a force that may cause significant damages to your tender plant species. The unregulated inflow of water can also flood the bed drowning your plants.

5. Avoid Unwelcome Pests
The clog in the gutter can be appealing to various animals that may decide to make your gutters their new home. That bed of twigs, mud, and damp leaves may be an alluring thing for mosquitoes, rats, birds, cockroaches and other critters.

The above are enough reasons to avoid procrastinating when it comes to cleaning your gutters. The task is not that complex and can be a DIY thing or a job for a professional depending on the placement of the gutters. Most importantly, maintain clean gutters will help avoid hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages caused to your home.

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