4 Steps To Prevent Calling Out A Roof Contractor

Nov 21, 2017

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As a homeowner, simple maintenance tasks can help prevent costly roof repairs and increase roof longevity. Not only will regular cleaning and roof maintenance help to detect a problem before it becomes severe, but it may also prevent damage from occurring in the first place. Below are four steps that you can take to help maintain your roof and keep it clean and fresh looking.

1. Know Your Roof
Familiarize yourself by performing an intensive evaluation of your roof and its overall condition. Compile a folder that will contain all documents and important information related to your roof. Take note of the materials it is made of, any repairs that were done and how long ago, and the age of the roof. Keeping track of work done on the roof is important as past issues may be symptomatic of problems that could occur in the future. The type of repairs that were done in the past and how they impacted the roof will help you make more informed decisions regarding future repairs and maintenance.

2. Keep Your Roof Clean
Consistently clearing away debris from the roof shingles, gutters, and valleys will help protect your roof from problems associated with pooling water, clogged gutters, rust, and mold. Drainage issues can lead to leaks, and the excess weight in clogged gutters can cause them to become unhinged, exposing vulnerable parts of your roof to damage. Clean gutters ensure that your roof is properly drained and protected from damage.

Debris that is allowed to accumulate in the valleys of your roof can also create drainage problems and place excess weight on the roof structure. Pooled rainwater, snow, and debris such as branches, twigs, and leaves can put a strain on the roof causing it to buckle. Stagnant water also promotes rot and the growth of moss and mold.

Debris can be removed by hand, or a soft broom or brush can be used to sweep the shingles of the roof. A blower can be used, but it is important not to apply force to remove debris. Scraping and the use of a pressure washer will damage the roof materials and decrease the life of the roof.

3. Moss Removal
Moss prefers wet, humid climates and a roof is an ideal place for it to grow, especially if parts of the roof are in the shade. Although moss may look innocent, it can cause excessive damage to your roof. It grows below the shingles in search of shade where it expands, pushing up the shingles. Loose shingles allow water to leak into the roof interior causing rot and mold growth. Shingles that flare up are more likely to be lifted off entirely in a strong wind. Moss is capable of wearing down asphalt shingles, thereby accelerating the breakdown of a roof. Moss creates a convenient surface for debris to cling to which would normally slide down the roof when it rains.

Chemicals are used to break down the growth of moss, and the residue is either left to be washed away by rain or brushed off. It is important not to try and scrape the moss off or to use a pressure washer as these methods will cause the shingles to lose their granular surface and even break, crack or tear.Regular Roof Inspections Frisco TX

4. Regular Professional Roof Inspections
A professional roof contractor will inspect the status of your roof structure for damage, determine the cause and provide you with immediate solutions to problems. Trying to work on your roof can be dangerous and its best left to professionals. A minimal inspection schedule once a year will dramatically reduce the risk of damage and prevent costly repairs. Plus, developing a relationship with your roofing repair and maintenance contractor means that your roof is in the hands of someone who knows the age and history of your roof and is qualified to protect it from damage and costly repairs.

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