3 Ways Roofs Shingles Are Going Green and What it Could Mean For You

Nov 27, 2017

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Going “Green” is everyone’s business, and there is a hardly a sector of our society that can’t be optimized for improved efficiency and environmental responsibility. Energy costs are not going down, so the time has come for savvy homeowners to look after their own interests by applying some innovative upgrades to the way their home is operating.

When it comes to green roofing, there are several important options available to the modern homeowner that can improve the energy ratings, comfort, functionality and even aesthetics of the building.

1. Cool Roof

If you are in a particularly warm area of the country, you may be interested in a roofing option that can help you keep the interior of your home cool and breezy, even on the hottest summer’s day. Cool Roof options have the most significant cooling factor for homes and can save you a bundle on your next home cooling bill.

These special roofing materials are highly reflective and built of materials that also keep the sun’s heat from being absorbed into the home below. Cool roof technology is also available in a variety of different materials depending on the roof in question. There are reflective and insulating paint and roofing tiles as well as special granulated cool roof coverings.

Furthermore, some city councils and communities offer incentives for homeowners who use these energy-saving products.

2. Solar shingles and Panels

It is the reliance on nonrenewable energy supplies that has such a massive effect on the environment and seeking out an alternative source of energy can be the “greenest” way to go. If you ever sat outside on a sunny day and enjoyed the warmth of the sun’s rays, consider how much energy is being showered onto your home and how this might be collected.

Solar panels collect the heat from the sun and transform this into usable energy that can power your home and life. The results will be very different from home to home, but it is entirely possible for a home to go completely off the grid and use only the power they collect. While this has been an option since the early 50’s, recent advances in energy storage and other features have made this option so feasible today.

Be sure to review the feasibility of this option for your home before choosing to upgrade to solar energy. While this can be a very effective energy saver results can vary.

Happy family at home Frisco TX3. Living Green Roof

The living green roof is the dream of every green-thumbed homeowner. These roofing options are becoming increasingly popular for homes and even commercial locations across the US today and rightfully so. These Green Roofs, also called intensive or lawn styles, are an environmentally ideal option as they reduce the transfer of heat, preserve water usage and lowers greenhouse emissions. They also require very little maintenance and last a long time. Some European roofs have been in existence for hundreds of years.

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