3 Problems You Need Professional Roofing Contractors to Handle

May 28, 2019

Your roof protects your home and everything in it from rain, wind, harmful ultraviolet rays, pests and so much more – so when something’s wrong with it, you need to fix it right away.  

3 Roofing Problems You Need A Professional to Handle 7. Roofing Contractos SQ

There are some roof issues you can fix yourself, like a gutter that’s pulled away from the house a bit or a bird’s nest near the chimney… but these are three things you should never try to fix yourself: 

Why You Need to Hire Roofing Contractors to Handle Leaks 

Roof leaks can be small or catastrophic – but regardless of the size of the leak, it’s always best to hire roofing contractors to handle it. Because roof leaks can be incredibly tough to locate, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience finding them, it’s important that you work with an expert who can zero in on the exact spot where water is coming in. That’s the only way to ensure the leak stops and to prevent further damage. 

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Ventilation Problems? You Need Roofing Contractors 

Roof ventilation doesn’t require a complicated system, but it does require a lot of knowledge on where to place vents, how to ensure the free flow of air, and how different types of vents work (or don’t work) with each other. 

The way your roof is ventilated depends on the climate. Here, we deal with a significant amount of humidity and heat – and both of those things can wreak havoc on your roof. Your ventilation system needs to provide an avenue for hot air to escape your attic during warmer months and keep the surface of the roof adequately cold during winter to prevent ice dams, which can cause irreparable damage. 

If your roof is improperly vented, you could see a wide range of problems, including: 

  • A spike in energy bills when you use your HVAC system 
  • Ice dams that damage the fascia on your roof 
  • Mold growth and moisture build-up in the attic (or elsewhere in your home) 
  • Deterioration of your roofing materials 

Hiring Roofing Contractors to Tackle Hail and Storm Damage

After a big storm, people are dealing with broken and missing shingles, leaks and other problems they can often see from the ground – but storms can cause plenty of problems you can’t see, too. It’s essential that you work with professional roofing contractors after a storm so you know exactly how much damage your roof has sustained. Sometimes leaks aren’t readily apparent, but they’re there; in cases like those, your home could be susceptible to tremendous amounts of damage that could put its structural integrity at risk. 

Do You Need to Talk to Professional Roofing Contractors About Issues on Your Roof? 

If you’re having problems with your roof, gutters, ventilation system or roofing materials, we can help you. Call us right away at 214-396-7772 to schedule your free roof inspection and get a quote on the repairs you need. 

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